[12:36] Shadowcaller: Kara suggests they stay in the box.
[12:37] Happy: hahaha… GG
[12:37] Happy: http://www.girlgeniusonline.com/ggmain/strips/ggmain20091223b.jpg
[12:37] Shadowcaller: (I know >.>)
[12:38] Murska: Dan keeps an eye on the dance floor for further developments and listens to what the others are talking about in the box.
[12:42] Happy: The Immaculates have started arguing in their own language.
[12:46] Happy: On the dance floor, a man has jumped from the floor and caught the edge of the stage and is pulling himself up. Almost certainly with the help of implants, given the height of the stage, and the ease with which he's pulling himself up.
[12:46] Murska: 'Hm.' He watches him carefully. Is Lucia up?
[12:48] Happy: The security guard is still trying to hustle her up the steps, but Lucia is trying to pull away and get back down.
[12:49] Shadowcaller: Kara notices the man as well "Who's that?"
[12:49] Shadowcaller: (not that she or I think anyone actually knows that^^)
[12:50] Happy: "/Tumah/" Bryson says, his voice dripping with contempt and disgust.
[12:51] Murska: What's the man doing?
[12:51] Happy: Trying to get to the steps.
[12:52] Murska: Does he see anyone else unusual in the crowd(as in, not panicing but instead looking determined/focused/like he knew of it in advance)
[12:53] Shadowcaller: "Is he a criminal or something? Is he going to hurt anyone?"
[12:53] Happy: A clubgoer with bright yellow and lime green hair seems to have her wits together, directing people to one of the back exits. The worst stampeding is at towards the front door.
[12:56] Happy: Kara notices what Lucia is doing. One of the backup singers is on the floor of the stage and seems to be having trouble getting to her feet.
[12:56] Happy: Lucia's trying to get to her, but the security guard isn't letting her go back down.
[12:58] Happy: A group of some of the more extreme looking punks has taken advantage of the chaos to loot the bar.
[12:58] Happy: (the main bar downstairs, not the vip bar here)
[12:59] Shadowcaller: What dose it look like the man that climbed up there is doing?
[12:59] Happy: The smoke is getting thicker.
[13:00] Happy: He's headed towards the emergency steps, having to work his way around the stage equipment and such.
[13:00] Shadowcaller: Towards Lucia then?
[13:00] Murska: Are the Immaculates doing anything?
[13:01] Happy: yes, towards Lucia
[13:02] Happy: Arguing in their own language.
[13:03] Shadowcaller: "Eh… we should help her." How long would it take to get to the stage from here?
[13:03] Murska: Dan sighs and quickly looks around in the box for obvious surveillance equipment while quietly starting to activate the innermost layer of his cybernetics on the most silent mode.
[13:05] Happy: You aren't exactly sure of the layout of this level, but it looks like the emergency steps should be coming out somewhere near the vip box. Maybe if you went out into the corridor you could find it.
[13:06] Happy: What does his cyberparts do? Gah… can't make the grammer of that sentence sound right
[13:08] Murska: First he tries to use them to sense the electronics in the box, checking for surveillance equipment as well as any oddities. Such as what a not-too-well hidden 'gas-the-chamber' system would do.
[13:11] Shadowcaller: Kara steps towards the door "Anyone coming? That madman might hurt someone."
[13:12] Murska: 'Yeah.' Dan follows her.
[13:14] Happy: Dan finds the survellaince equipment rather easily. It seems to be a tech level below his own stuff, but high spec for the class its in.
[13:14] Shadowcaller: She opens the door and steps out into the corridor. Which way looks to likely lead to the emergency steps?
[13:14] Happy: No hidden traps that he can find.
[13:14] Happy: To the right.
[13:16] Murska: He takes off the power from the surveillance scan to keep his noticeability to a minimum and turns up the translator to see if it can figure out what the Immaculates are saying.
[13:16] Shadowcaller: They go to the right then.
[13:19] Shadowcaller: (I thought he left? Or Dose he do this before they leave somehow?)
[13:21] Murska: While he's stepping out of the door.
[13:22] Happy: Dan gets enough snatches of the conversation to tell that the argument is over whether to evacuate or not, and something about a plot by the tamah, which is translated as 'unclean'. Branson follows the two of you, though, which brings the argument abruptly to an end.
[13:22] Murska: He turns it off again, satisfied to know he can translate it, and turns the scan back up.
[13:23] Shadowcaller: (Um, here. It just turns to busy sometimes…)
[13:24] Shadowcaller: Okay, we continue towards the emergency steps then.
[13:25] Happy: (msn just randomly marked you busy? weird…)
[13:25] Shadowcaller: (Well, it's when I start a game.)
[13:25] Happy: (ah)
[13:25] Shadowcaller: (Intalling it.)
[13:25] Shadowcaller: *installing
[13:26] Happy: You find the steps easily, since the door is very brightly marked 'EMERGENCY STAGE ACCESS'
[13:28] Shadowcaller: We go throught it then.
[13:30] Happy: As soon as you open the door, you're slammed with the noise and smoke from the dance floor. You're on a landing overlooking the stage, with the steps descending in front of you. The steps were made to fold up onto the landing when not in use.
[13:32] Shadowcaller: Kara hurries down the steps, but takes it a bit slower since she don't want to fall and also since she dosen't want to face that guy alone.
[13:32] Murska: Are the steps large enough to pass the guard and Lucia?
[13:32] Murska: wide, that is
[13:33] Happy: The steps are about a meter and a half wide.
[13:33] Murska: Dan looks down to the stage to see what's going on.
[13:34] Shadowcaller: (Well, I assumed we were doing that already.)
[13:34] Happy: Lucia has gotten away from the guard and is trying to get to the injured backup singer.
[13:34] Happy: (never assume with me… remember my foggy brain :P )
[13:34] Murska: And the man?
[13:34] Murska: Dan heads down after Kara.
[13:35] Happy: The man is reaching the steps about the same time Lucia is getting to the stage.
[13:36] Happy: landing ======Branson - Dan - Kara ==== security guard ==== Lucia ===== ((stage - man
[13:36] Happy: (does that help?)
[13:36] Shadowcaller: (Right.)
[13:37] Shadowcaller: What is the security gurd doing?
[13:38] Happy: trying to get to Lucia
[13:38] Shadowcaller: And so do we.
[13:40] Happy: There's no way you can get to her before the man does, unless you do something reckless and dangerous.
[13:40] Shadowcaller: Like?
[13:41] Happy: http://icanhascheezburger.files.wordpress.com/2009/12/funny-pictures-cat-asks-for-birds.jpg
[13:41] Murska: Well, Dan is just going down to the stage. He isn't going to do anything reckless or dangerous at least if the man doesn't do something first.
[13:42] Shadowcaller: So is Kara, I'm not sure how you can get to the strge faster anyway.
[13:42] Shadowcaller: *stage
[13:42] Happy: Leaping down the steps or sliding down the handrail. Like I said, reckless and dangerous. :P
[13:43] Shadowcaller: Would that really get us there faster? >.>
[13:43] Murska: Yup.
[13:43] Shadowcaller: It's a staircase or a straight stair?
[13:43] Murska: Anyway, proceed with events.
[13:43] Happy: with the help of gravity, yes, you can reach the bottom faster if you don't go one step at a time
[13:44] Shadowcaller: Yeah, but it would also potentially hurt us which might get us there even slower, but yes, proceed
[13:45] Happy: http://www.bradfabs.co.uk/assets/image-gallery/fire-escapes/fire-escapes-metal-steel-safety-steps-ladders-01.jpg
[13:46] Happy: sort of like that. industrial grade steps with handrails, but made to fold up when the stage is in use.
[13:46] Shadowcaller: Throwing yourself would go slower then >.>
[13:46] Shadowcaller: In the long run.
[13:46] Happy: it's all one direction though, it doesn' thave the 90 degree turn
[13:46] Murska: We'd get there faster, but we might be injured and not able to act.
[13:46] Shadowcaller: Yes, exactly
[13:46] Happy: Anyway, you don't throw yourself recklessly.
[13:47] Murska: Maybe we should try both methods. Dan could throw Kara down. :P
[13:47] Happy: brb
[13:48] Shadowcaller: When I think of 'thow' yourself, I get the mental image of going down with the head first.
[13:48] Murska: Well that sounds… dumb. :P
[13:48] Shadowcaller: Yes, since… it is:P
[13:49] Shadowcaller: Otherwise it's a jump or a leap
[13:49] Shadowcaller: Throw is getting your whole body into the jump, like a jump-tackle
[13:50] Shadowcaller: At least thats how I mentally image it
[13:51] Murska: I'd imagine if you 'throw' yourself you use arms to give you momentum.
[13:51] Murska: It's usually an upper-body-first position then, however.
[13:51] Murska: but if you're, say, hanging off something you can throw yourself feet first
[13:52] Happy: Anyway…. the man gets to Lucia first then.
[13:53] Shadowcaller: yes.
[13:53] Shadowcaller: (I mentally image that as a leap, funny how words means different things…)
[13:54] Murska: (I imagine leap is using your legs for the momentum. That's usually legs-first coming down but you can leap off something arms first)
[13:55] Shadowcaller: (yeah, it's hard to define these words really, all very similar.)
[13:55] Happy: The security guard takes out a gun.
[13:55] Murska: What does the man do?
[13:57] Happy: He pushes Lucia out of his way and tries to go up the steps. The security guard fires his gun. Lucia tumbles to the ground.
[13:57] Shadowcaller: Dose the guard hit the man?
[13:58] Happy: You can't tell. He doesn't seem to be stopping at least.
[13:59] Happy: Lucia is on the stage now, and the man is on the steps.
[13:59] Happy: And the two of you have reached the security guard
[13:59] Happy: (this would be better on tabletop, with figures and a lego built setting… ^^ )
[14:00] Shadowcaller: Kara dosen't stop until she's at Lucia, if she reaches her, she will see if she's okay.
[14:00] Murska: Dan doesn't go in between the mad guy and the security guard with a gun and attempts to grab Kara to stop her from doing so.
[14:01] Happy: SC's call whether he succeeds
[14:02] Happy: http://icanhascheezburger.files.wordpress.com/2009/12/funny-pictures-cats-stare-at-sandwich.jpg
[14:03] Shadowcaller: I guess he dose.
[14:05] Happy: The security guard is stopped by a fit of coughing as the smoke gets thicker, and Mad Guy gets past him.
[14:06] Murska: Dan tries to scan him to see what cybernetics he has as he pushes himself and Kara to the edge to let the guy past.
[14:07] Shadowcaller: (To let the guy past?)
[14:07] Murska: Yup
[14:08] Shadowcaller: Kara is pushed there I guess. (Which guy?)
[14:08] Murska: The mad one.
[14:08] Happy: (Mad Guy = guy who climbed onto the stage)
[14:08] Shadowcaller: (But he was going in another direction.)
[14:08] Murska: He was going up the stairs
[14:08] Happy: Yes
[14:08] Shadowcaller: Yeah? We are still on the stage.
[14:08] Happy: You are on the steps
[14:08] Murska: No we aren't.
[14:09] Happy: landing ===== Branson ==== Dan/Kara=== Security Guard (( stage
[14:09] Shadowcaller: When did we get on the steps?
[14:09] Happy: Mad Guy went past the security guard
[14:09] Murska: When we started descending the steps to go to the stage.
[14:09] Happy: um, when you started going down the steps?
[14:10] Happy: you never got to the stage. Dan grabbed you and stopped you getting there
[14:10] Happy: (gah! cute attack from turtledog again! I'm meeeeeelting! )
[14:11] Shadowcaller: (Well, it sounded like the security guard was on the stage… but continue.)
[14:14] Happy: Mad Guy has enhanced muscles and joints, cybernetic eyes, and a bullet hole in his chest that he doesn't seem to be bothered by.
[14:14] Happy: Since you give him room, he goes past you without incident
[14:16] Shadowcaller: "Ouch!" Kara exclaims as she is pushed against the railing.
[14:17] Shadowcaller: (Don't worry about the busy marks…)
[14:18] Murska: Dan continues past Kara down to the stage, glancing at the guy and what he's doing.
[14:19] Shadowcaller: She slowly gets up by pushing herself away from the railing and then continues down to the stage as well, looking back at the guy who just passed her.
[14:20] Shadowcaller: (I thought there were two safety steps for some reason.. huh.)
[14:20] Happy: He can't really 'glance' at someone who is completely behind him. It'll take him actually turning around and looking back.
[14:21] Shadowcaller: (Kara is sort of walking backwards.)
[14:21] Murska: Well, I can look behind myself with only turning my head
[14:21] Happy: okay, but that's more than a glance
[14:21] Murska: Well, a 'look-behind-self-by-turning-head' ten
[14:21] Murska: then
[14:22] Happy: Anyway, Kara bumps into the security guard since she's walking backwards. Hopefully she doesn't fall down the rest of the steps.
[14:23] Happy: Seriously… walking backwards down steps? You should have just leapt… would have been safer. :P
[14:23] Shadowcaller: (No when she came down from them.)
[14:23] Shadowcaller: (She was walking normally on them.)
[14:23] Shadowcaller: (When she reached the stage, she turned around.)
[14:24] Shadowcaller: (I assumed we were quite close to the stage.)
[14:25] Happy: (turtledog uses Cute Attack! It's Super Effective! Turtle dog achieves 30 XP and one rawhide treat!)
[14:26] Happy: Okay then. Is Dan still on the steps when he looks back, or does he wait until he's on the stage?
[14:27] Murska: He waits until he's at the stage
[14:28] Happy: Okay, when you look back up, the guy is on the landing headed through the door. You can't see Branson.
[14:29] Happy: Lucia is coughing and crawling across the stage to get to the backup singer.
[14:30] Shadowcaller: Kara gets to Lucia and the backup singer, once she's there she will check if she's okay (lucia that is) and then check on the backpu singer.
[14:30] Shadowcaller: *back-up
[14:31] Shadowcaller: She should have no problem with the smoke.
[14:32] Happy: Kara is in good shape for dealing with smoke. "Kara, are you okay?" Lucia asks. She doesn't seem to be hurt, even though she's crawling.
[14:33] Shadowcaller: "I'm okay, are you?"
[14:33] Happy: "Yes… I think Amber's hurt though."
[14:34] Shadowcaller: Kara glances at the backup singer and turns back to Lucia "I'll go check on her."
[14:34] Murska: Dan heads to them, crouching low to avoid smoke.
[14:34] Shadowcaller: She dose so.
[14:38] Happy: Kara gets there first. Amber is clutching her ankle, and coughing.
[14:39] Shadowcaller: Kara gets on her knee and checks on her "Are you okay? What happedn?"
[14:39] Shadowcaller: *happend
[14:40] Happy: "I *cough* twisted my ankle." *cough cough*
[14:42] Shadowcaller: "Come, i'll try to help you up." She tries to help Amber get up.
[14:44] Happy: She does so, Lucia arriving there to take Amber's other arm.
[14:44] Shadowcaller: Kara will try to get them out of the smoke.
[14:45] Shadowcaller: Or at least where it's thinner
[14:46] Murska: Back to the steps, hopefully.
[14:46] Happy: There are two exits from the stage. The steps or descending down into the support column and exiting out through the main club
[14:47] Happy: Or leaping.
[14:47] Murska: As Dan sees they're helping Amber up he leads them to the steps.
[14:47] Murska: Going down would mean more smoke and crowd.
[14:47] Happy: (jump! jump
[14:48] Shadowcaller: They follow Dan.
[14:48] Happy: You all follow Dan by jumping off the stage… I mean returning to the steps…
[14:49] Happy: And back up the steps, with the security guard.
[14:51] Shadowcaller: "Think it's safe to head back up?" She asks the guard.
[14:52] Happy: "Yes! It's not safe here. Come on!"
[14:53] Shadowcaller: They go up.
[14:55] Shadowcaller: (Hm, I imagined that most people had gone out by now. Then again, my mental images seems to be all wrong today.)
[14:55] Happy: You get to the top, and into the corridor
[14:56] Happy: The Immaculates are there, with an unconscious security guard who seems to have been bludgeoned in the face.
[14:56] Happy: "Where's Branson?" one of the Immaculates says.
[14:57] Shadowcaller: "He followed us… then I didn't see him anymore."
[14:57] Shadowcaller: "Hope that madman didn't get him."
[14:58] Murska: 'Yeah. He was shot in the chest but didn't even seem to notice it.'
[15:01] Shadowcaller: Kara notices the wounded guard "He was here too?"
[15:02] Happy: "Gira tried to stop him. That didn't work out so well," the woman who had been talking to Dan says. "IfBranson followed you, he must still be in there. We didn't see him come out."
[15:02] Shadowcaller: "Maybe he fell down?"
[15:04] Happy: She mutters something which is probably a curse and goes to the landing and looks down. "I can't see anything through the smoke."
[15:05] Murska: 'I'll go check, then. Take care of the girl.'
[15:05] Murska: Dan heads back down.
[15:05] Shadowcaller: "Wait, it's not safe down there yet Dan… I'll come with you."
[15:05] Shadowcaller: She dose.
[15:06] Murska: 'I'll…' and she does. 'Hm.'
[15:06] Happy: So… you go back down the steps?
[15:06] Murska: Dan does, quite fast this time.
[15:07] Happy: No one is on the steps this time.
[15:07] Shadowcaller: So, do the see Branson down below the steps then?
[15:08] Murska: Dan tries to enchance his visual data processes slightly to see better once he gets down, a bit ahead of Kara.
[15:09] Happy: Kara can't make anything out, with the smoke and her visor obscuring her vision, but Dan is able to see Branson lying on the dance floor below the steps, not moving.
[15:10] Shadowcaller: "Do you see anything?"
[15:10] Murska: 'Not sure. I'll go check this way, you go there.' He points away from Branson.
[15:10] Shadowcaller: "Right." kara goes that way.
[15:10] Shadowcaller: *Kara
[15:11] Murska: Then Dan heads to Branson and checks him quickly for lifesigns.
[15:12] Happy: How is he getting to the dance floor?
[15:14] Murska: He drops down from the edge, carefully.
[15:14] Happy: Okay. It's a bit jarring, but he manages not to injure himself.
[15:15] Shadowcaller: Where did he point Kara towards?
[15:15] Murska: The other side of the stairs I guess. I don't really have a clear mental map.
[15:16] Happy: It's up to SC whether Kara noticed Dan dropping down
[15:17] Shadowcaller: I doubt she dose with all the smoke.
[15:18] Happy: Dan gets to Branson. No life signs.
[15:19] Murska: He shrugs and tries to hoist him over his shoulder to carry him to the stage via the stairs.
[15:20] Shadowcaller: Kara is still looking at the area pointed out to her.
[15:20] Happy: He does so. Probably going to be really sore tomorrow.
[15:21] Happy: Dan enters the central column under the stage and goes up the steps to get there, carrying a corpse over his shoulder.
[15:23] Happy: http://scienceblogs.com/principles/2007/05/many_worlds_many_treats.php
[15:24] Murska: 'Oi, Kara!'
[15:24] Shadowcaller: She turns to him and notices him and Branson "Dan!… Is he dead?"
[15:25] Shadowcaller: She goes towards Dan.
[15:26] Murska: 'I think so. Can you help me carry him?'
[15:27] Shadowcaller: "Uh, yeah. He feel to his death I assume?"
[15:27] Shadowcaller: She helps him with the corpse.
[15:28] Murska: 'I'm no doctor and the place is all smoky. All I know he ain't moving.'
[15:28] Happy: And they carry the corpse up the steps to the corridor.
[15:28] Shadowcaller: "Poor Bradson… that mad man must have pushed him off."
[15:29] Shadowcaller: They get him to the vip box again I guess.
[15:30] Murska: Dan is intending to drop it off to security guards or whatever once they get up the stairs.
[15:33] Happy: The Immaculates are watching from the landing as you bring him up. "Branson, are you okay? What happened? The smoke…?" the woman asks. She seems to think he's only unconscious.
[15:33] Murska: 'I found him from the dance floor. Someone get a doctor?'
[15:33] Shadowcaller: (brb, talking a walk with the dog.)
[15:35] Happy: You lay him down on the floor, right?
[15:39] Murska: Sure, unless someone steps up to take him.
[15:42] Happy: When you do, you can see that he's been shot three times in the gut.
[15:42] Murska: Ew. Is Dan all bloody now?
[15:43] Happy: He is
[15:43] Murska: 'Holy…'
[15:46] Happy: (and I'm going to stop there for naptime >.> )
[15:46] Murska: k
[15:53] Shadowcaller: (Okay…)
[15:54] Happy: (was that better than yesterday?)
[15:54] Shadowcaller: (Well, more action right?)
[15:55] Shadowcaller: (I liked it, thought I still look forward to the next sessions.)
[15:55] Shadowcaller: (And I will eat now, continue later today?)
[15:56] Murska: We got something done again. We're proceeding a bit slowly though, but it was faster than yesterday.
[15:56] Shadowcaller: (Indeed…)
[15:56] Shadowcaller: (anyway, brb.)
[15:57] Happy: It's taking me a while to get back into the GMing stride, but I think it's getting easier
[15:57] Happy: anyway, I'll see you guys later
[16:15] Shadowcaller: See you
[16:15] Shadowcaller: Murska, what do you think of the speed in the demon game by the way?
[16:16] Murska: fast enuff
[16:17] Shadowcaller: Right
[16:18] Shadowcaller: So christmas tomorrow, you staying at home?
[16:19] Murska: yes

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