[16:05] Murska: Well, they drop Lucia off at the hospital, say goodbyes and such.
[16:05] Murska: 'Well, where'd you like to go?'
[16:06] Murska: (luck, mending, luck, mending, luck and mending Oo)
[16:06] Murska: (how many of those…)
[16:06] Shadowcaller: (Whoops.)
[16:06] Murska: also some lightning control)
[16:07] Shadowcaller: (There.)
[16:07] Shadowcaller: (fixed…)
[16:08] Murska: (water control and shield, locations and users please)
[16:08] Murska: (While we're at it add illusion and super sight)
[16:08] Shadowcaller: (Sure…)
[16:12] Murska: (and respond to Dan )
[16:12] Shadowcaller: (yeah, just thinking of possible plots/location connections:P)
[16:13] Shadowcaller: "I don't know… preferably where there aren't many people. I like to be used to go around without the suit first."
[16:15] Murska: 'Hmm. Well, it is a city, I don't know if we can find somewhere without many people. But as long as we stay out of tourist attractions and such we shouldn't meet huge crowds at this time.'
[16:15] Murska: 'Usually I'd go look for a cafe to relax in for a while but, well…'
[16:16] Murska: He looks at the mask and shrugs.
[16:16] Shadowcaller: (You already had illusion thought… it's mentioned twice.)
[16:17] Murska: (right)
[16:19] Shadowcaller: (it's not really a mask as it dosen't cover her entire face.) "I see your point…" She appears to be bit troubled by this "Maybe we first need to look for a restroom so I know where I can change into my suit if anything would happend."
[16:20] Murska: (well it covers her nose and mouth, I don't know any other word for such a piece of clothing)
[16:21] Murska: 'But the city's pretty big, it's not like it'll help if we scout out one around here and then happen to be fifteen clicks away.'
[16:24] Shadowcaller: "Oh right… I seem to forget how large everything is here on the outside." Kara sigh "Maybe a park of some kind? Or some arena, I always wanted to watch a sport."
[16:25] Murska: 'Arenas are always packed with people, though. But maybe at some point, I'll check if there's something going on today. Meanwhile, I guess we could go find a park.'
[16:26] Shadowcaller: Lara nods "A quiet one, it's just by looking at all those signs right?" She points at a sign marking on of the streets.
[16:26] Shadowcaller: (Updated the list.)
[16:28] Murska: 'Those are streets, they'd help if we knew the city but it's easier for us to find a tourist map. Those are usually along the larger roads, so let's head this way.'
[16:30] Shadowcaller: "Okay, let's find one then…" Kara follows Dan.
[16:31] Murska: Doesn't take too long.
[16:32] Murska: They stop to study the map. 'So we're here…' It's full of malls, parks, restaurants, tourist attractions and other stuff like that.
[16:33] Shadowcaller: Kara looks around a bit nervously with all the people around them. "Looks like a populare place to be…"
[16:34] Murska: 'The closest park is that way but it's right next to some monuments and museums so it's probably full of tourists. Or we could take a subway line to this one, it's a bit farther away.'
[16:35] Shadowcaller: (Made a summary of the magic items you have at the bottom of the text.)
[16:37] Shadowcaller: "Subway? Don't you need to stand really close to people in those?"
[16:37] Murska: 'Yes.'
[16:38] Shadowcaller: Kara appears to think for a while "Isn't there any other parks?"
[16:39] Murska: 'They're even farther.'
[16:40] Shadowcaller: "We could just walk to that other park…"
[16:42] Murska: 'If you want to. It's gonna take a while though.'
[16:42] Shadowcaller: "I don't mind walking, it's not often I can do that."
[16:45] Murska: 'Indeed. Well, we better get going then.'
[16:45] Murska: He downloads the map and they start walking
[16:47] Shadowcaller: Kara eventually starts to regret her idea "My feet hurt… I haven't worked out lately."
[16:48] Murska: 'We can still take the subway, or just take a break somewhere.'
[16:49] Shadowcaller: "Let's take a break, I need some clean food."
[16:50] Shadowcaller: (brb, food. Think of something while I'm gone:P)
[16:52] Murska: 'All right. Follow me then.' He heads into a larger building with shops and cafes and to the top floor into the most quiet one.
[17:05] Shadowcaller: (back.)
[17:06] Shadowcaller: Kara heads up after him, she is trying to have a very low profile.
[17:08] Shadowcaller: *to keep a very low profile
[17:10] Murska: Dan orders himself a drink and a sandwich. 'Let's take a break here.'
[17:11] Shadowcaller: "Sure." Kara looks around a bit in the cafee "Looks nice enough." Kara will order a salad and reminds the waiter or waitress that she like it to be as clean as possible since she havea medical condition.
[17:12] Shadowcaller: *have a
[17:15] Murska: Dan's soon finished eating and opens up his computer.
[17:15] Shadowcaller: Kara is still finishing up "What are you doing?"
[17:16] Murska: 'I read my messages and am checking if there's any sports events today.'
[17:17] Shadowcaller: "What sports are there?" (Space surfing!)
[17:17] Shadowcaller: (Or space football! Space hockey!)
[17:17] Murska: 'Seems there's a few around the city. A riding contest, some glomwar matches, a football game and an archery competition.'
[17:18] Shadowcaller: "Glomwar?"
[17:18] Murska: 'A ballgame with two teams, complex rules and a rabid fanbase. Still not as much fighting as over football games though.'
[17:19] Shadowcaller: "People seriously fights over sports? Like there wasn't enough to fight about-"
[17:19] Shadowcaller: *fight
[17:19] Murska: 'People fight about anything.'
[17:20] Shadowcaller: "Well, what do you like to watch? It dosen't matter to me, as long as it isn't too crowded."
[17:21] Murska: 'I don't watch sports much. Don't you have any preference?'
[17:23] Shadowcaller: "Something easy to understand… maybe the riding competition? They are riding horses right?"
[17:24] Murska: 'Yes.'
[17:24] Shadowcaller: "Great, then I can see horses as well. Let's watch that." kara replies with a smile.
[17:25] Murska: 'As you wish.' Dan orders the tickets, prints them and hands her one. 'Don't lose this.'
[17:26] Shadowcaller: She puts the ticket in her pocket "I won't don't worry… how much did it cost?" Kara takes up her wallet.
[17:27] Murska: 'Not much.'
[17:28] Murska: 'We should get going to the park if you don't want to use public transport to head to the riding arena later.'
[17:29] Shadowcaller: "Okay…" Kara takes up a money bill "Take this, it should cover it."
[17:31] Murska: 'I won't. It's not like I need money.'
[17:31] Shadowcaller: "Just take it Dan, otherwise I feel bad about it."
[17:32] Murska: 'Well, since you insist. But I really don't need it. I haven't touched my last five paychecks yet.'
[17:32] Shadowcaller: Kara raises an eyebrow "They pay you that much or aren't you using up any money?"
[17:33] Murska: 'Living expenses on missions are paid by the organization and I haven't visited my home for two years so I'm technically always on mission.'
[17:34] Murska: 'And it's not like I can carry any expensive purchases so no, I don't really use any.'
[17:34] Shadowcaller: "Wow… you really live for your work don't you?"
[17:35] Murska: 'Hey, my life's basically a long paid vacation.'
[17:36] Shadowcaller: "With a few stops for people that wants to kill you?"
[17:36] Murska: 'Yeah.'
[17:38] Shadowcaller: "Just great… but it's not like you can maintain any kinds of relationships."
[17:38] Murska: 'Hey, I got friends over the net.'
[17:39] Shadowcaller: "I don't know if I would count that as relationships Dan…"
[17:39] Murska: 'It's always nice to meet all the old friends who happen to be there when I visit home, too.' He shrugs. 'Besides, staying in one place for a long time is not for me.
[17:43] Shadowcaller: "The planets are so large and we just see a tiny bit of them, but it's good that you still have connections to your family." Kara pauses "…but I guess we should get going so we don't miss it." She puts back her wallet in her pocket and raises from the table, pushing the chair backwards.
[17:44] Murska: He stands up aswell and goes to pay for the order. After a couple thank yous and good days they're back on the streets.
[17:46] Shadowcaller: (Ugh, youtube comments watching a climatic trailer of a game 'to anyone has played this game…

this is my question:

Is the game exactly like this?)
[17:46] Shadowcaller: *facepalm*
[17:47] Shadowcaller: Kara looks around curiously as they are walking, how long is it left to the arena?
[17:47] Shadowcaller: (Specifically 'Dragon Age' if you ever watched the trailer of it.)
[17:48] Murska: Aren't they going to the park?
[17:48] Shadowcaller: (Right, to the park.)
[17:49] Murska: Not that long.
[17:49] Murska: The style of the buildings seems to be very decorated around here, and the streets are quiet. A few shops here and there but clearly not a tourist area.'
[17:51] Shadowcaller: Kara appears less nervous, but it's still clear for anyone living here that she isn't living in the city by watching her behavior alone.
[17:55] Murska: Soon they reach the park. With the sunny day and all, there are people on picnics, some listening to music or practicing something or other or simply on a walk.
[17:55] Murska: Still, there's no crowd.
[17:55] Shadowcaller: (Hehe… watching Happy's earliest threads. Looks like she did quite a lot of oots threads.)
[17:55] Shadowcaller: (Link: http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=40001)http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=40001
[17:56] Shadowcaller: (Huh… didn't know she wanted to homebrew a fantasy setting >.>)
[17:56] Shadowcaller: (Link: http://www.giantitp.com/forums/search.php?searchid=831756&pp=25&page=3)http://www.giantitp.com/forums/search.php?searchid=831756&pp=25&page=3
[17:57] Shadowcaller: They continue walking I guess. Kara is mostly enjoying the sun, trying not to pay attention to the people around her.
[17:57] Murska: There's a pond in the middle of the park with benches around it. 'Want to take a break before heading back out?'
[17:58] Shadowcaller: "Um, sure."
[18:00] Shadowcaller: She sits down with him I guess.
[18:02] Murska: There are a few fish in the pond. A while later the middle of the pond rises up and turns into a large fountain for a few minutes. It causes some mist to reach the benches aswell although the sun dries most of it in the air.
[18:05] Shadowcaller: Kara is most likely the person that is most suprised by this in the entire park. She jerks a bit in her seat "…that was amazing."
[18:06] Murska: Dan smiles. 'Beautiful.'
[18:08] Shadowcaller: "There are a lot of these?" She looks Dan directly in the eyes.
[18:09] Murska: 'No, this is the 'monument' of this park. It's even named after it in the local tongue.'
[18:10] Shadowcaller: "Monument?"
[18:11] Murska: 'Apparently it was built when the city was in memory of those lost in the colonization progress. There are always a lot of monuments for them on terraformed planets.'
[18:13] Shadowcaller: "It's terraforming that dangerous?"
[18:14] Murska: 'Not really, but there's usually some deaths. It's powerful equipment and takes years on a planet they can't know everything about.'
[18:16] Shadowcaller: *is
[18:17] Shadowcaller: "I understand. It's very beautiful…"
[18:19] Murska: 'Yeah.' Dan's smiling and turns to look at the fountain.
[18:20] Shadowcaller: "Do you have one of those on your planet?"
[18:22] Murska: 'No. But there's a bunch of beautiful things. Most places do.'
[18:22] Murska: After a while, the fountain withdraws.
[18:22] Murska: 'But we should head for the arena.'
[18:23] Shadowcaller: "Yeah… what other beautiful things did you mean thought?" Kara says as she gets up from the bench.
[18:25] Murska: 'It's got monuments, and famous music. And beautiful views over sea and mountains.'
[18:26] Shadowcaller: "We got a few holograms and images…" Kara says ironically.
[18:27] Murska: 'I'm sure there is beauty in your home aswell. And views from space can also be beautiful.'
[18:30] Shadowcaller: "They are very hard to compare."
[18:31] Murska: 'Once you have tasted flight, you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return.'
[18:31] Murska: 'Ancient quote, but I like it.'
[18:32] Shadowcaller: (Yeah, from Civ)
[18:32] Murska: (From Leonardo)
[18:32] Shadowcaller: (Mhm.)
[18:32] Shadowcaller: (But it's mentioned in Civ.)
[18:32] Murska: (yup)
[18:33] Murska: (not that I usually get it there)
[18:34] Shadowcaller: "I know people who have lived there whole lives in space, never to even see ground."
[18:34] Murska: 'I guess people can live in a lot of ways.'
[18:35] Murska: Dan starts walking towards the edge of the park, slowly.
[18:35] Shadowcaller: Kara follows "I guess they can…"
[18:38] Murska: The distance is pretty long, but I guess she won't want to use public transport
[18:38] Shadowcaller: Not really
[18:38] Murska: Then they walk.
[18:40] Murska: The arena surroundings are clearly more of a tourist area, with more shops, cafés and people.
[18:40] Shadowcaller: Kara tries to walk a bit quicker to away away from those areas. Hardly noticeable
[18:43] Murska: So they reach the arena. Apparently Dan got a booth to avoid most of the people.
[18:44] Shadowcaller: (Hurray.) "…space, this suddenly feels like some kind of date."
[18:45] Murska: He laughs. 'Nah, we're just being tourists.'
[18:46] Shadowcaller: "Well, obviously I'm more of a tourist then you are."
[18:46] Murska: 'Hey, it's my first time in the city'.
[18:47] Shadowcaller: "It's my second time in a larger city, ever!"
[18:48] Murska: 'Point, I guess.'
[18:48] Murska: 'Want me to order something to drink?'
[18:50] Shadowcaller: "Sure." She says with a smile. "I take… uh, a beer!"
[18:51] Murska: 'All right.' He goes put the order in a terminal and soon enough it's delivered. 'Here you go.'
[18:54] Shadowcaller: (Hm, I guess she can drink with the mask?)
[18:55] Murska: (Probably by opening it)
[18:55] Shadowcaller: (Yeah…) Kara takes the beer and appears to think for a moment "I wonder if it's safe to open the mask here?"
[19:00] Murska: Apparently she ate salad
[19:00] Shadowcaller: (Yeah, but that was ata cafee, apperently she tinks it more unsafe here.)
[19:01] Murska: 'Safe as anywhere, I'd guess. Very few diseases are airborne and even fewer should be here.'
[19:02] Shadowcaller: "Just for a minute then, I really hope I don't get infected by you." She says with a wink.
[19:04] Murska: 'Let's hope so. I'm not infected as far as I can tell.'
[19:05] Shadowcaller: "You can still carry infections without you noticing it."
[19:06] Murska: 'True, though it's more difficult with my tech.'
[19:07] Shadowcaller: "Your tech?"
[19:08] Murska: 'Things in me that monitor my body.'
[19:09] Shadowcaller: "Things inside you?" She raises an eyebrow "Like Terry had?"
[19:11] Murska: 'Kind of, though not crude like that.'
[19:11] Murska: 'Simple extensions of medical equipment, mostly.'
[19:13] Shadowcaller: Kara shudders a bit "Isn't that a bit wierd? Having things inside of your body all the time?"
[19:13] Murska: 'Not really. My body is a biological machine and they're mechanical ones to complement it.'
[19:15] Shadowcaller: (Oh, Hello Happy.)
[19:15] Shadowcaller: "Still, it's not something I would use…"
[19:16] Murska: 'Maybe not.' He shrugs and sits down, turning to look at the arena. 'They should start soon.'
[19:16] Happy: ( hi)
[19:16] Happy: (you're stalking me? O.o )
[19:16] Shadowcaller: (What? >.>)
[19:17] Happy: (looking at my old threads?)
[19:17] Shadowcaller: (Oh, you mant that. I just checked all the threads you made:P)
[19:17] Shadowcaller: (I got curious >.>)
[19:17] Shadowcaller: (Besides, I check Murskas threads as well… what? Why are you looking at me like that?)
[19:18] Shadowcaller: Kara nods and turns her attention to the arena.
[19:19] Murska: (What threads?)
[19:20] Murska: (I don't remember ever starting any)
[19:20] Shadowcaller: (I know.)
[19:20] Shadowcaller: (There are none:P)
[19:25] Shadowcaller: (What are you doing? <.<)
[19:26] Murska: (hmm.)
[19:26] Murska: (Waiting for a PM)
[19:26] Shadowcaller: (What PM?)
[19:26] Murska: (About my auction results)
[19:28] Murska: Well, the event is quite a show. The riders do tricks and such first and the contest itself is very close.
[19:29] Shadowcaller: (Wish we had gone to another game instead
[19:30] Shadowcaller: (You should have done a icehockey game.) "Horses are so beautiful…" Kara comments half-way during the game.
[19:30] Happy: I guess at some point, Dan's handheld let's him know there's a message from Lucia? Unless he hasn't given her any contact information.
[19:32] Murska: He has. 'Oh, wait a second.' He opens it.
[19:33] Shadowcaller: Kara seems slightly intoxicated.
[19:33] Happy: Msg: 'All done. Where are you guys? I'll meet you there.'
[19:33] Happy: (one beer?)
[19:34] Murska: 'Oh, Lucia is done.' He responds telling her they'll meet up outside the arena.
[19:35] Shadowcaller: (Yeah, she isn't used to alcohol and I did say 'slightly' it's not like she's drunk or anything.)
[19:38] Shadowcaller: They go outside the arena then, ocne the show is done.
[19:39] Happy: And Lucia meets them, having taken the subway.
[19:41] Shadowcaller: "Hello Lucia!" Kara waves at her when she see her.
[19:42] Murska: 'How was it?'
[19:43] Happy: Lucia is still dressed and made up stylishly, but in a sedate manner that doesn't draw attention. No one in the crowd seems to recognize her.
[19:44] Happy: "Some shots. They recommended parts, but I said no." She makes a face.
[19:45] Shadowcaller: "Parts? I don't get outsiders sometimes." Kara makes a facea as well.
[19:47] Shadowcaller: *a face
[19:48] Murska: 'So, what shall we do now? Head back?'
[19:48] Happy: "How are you, Kara?"
[19:50] Shadowcaller: "I feel great." Kara says with a grin "It have been simply wonderful."
[19:50] Happy: "Was there anything else you wanted to see while you were in the city?"
[19:53] Shadowcaller: She appears to think for a moment "I like to buy some new clothes and maybe get my hair fixed, but right now…what is there to see around here?"
[20:00] Happy: "Did you see the zoo?"
[20:01] Shadowcaller: "No, but that is a great idea Lucia."

[20:02] Happy: She looks at Dan with mock outrage. "Dan? What kind of tour guide are you? How could you have omitted the zoo?"
[20:02] Murska: 'A tourist attraction means it'll be insanely packed with people.'
[20:04] Shadowcaller: Kara shrugs "Your the ones that know things like this."
[20:05] Happy: "I'm sure Kara would want to see the nennings. But maybe you're right"
[20:05] Murska: 'Well, it's her choice.'
[20:07] Happy: "This planet actually had life before humans arrived, and it needed very little terraforming. There's a whole biodome on another continent to preserve the original life, but there is a pack of nennings in the zoo here."
[20:09] Shadowcaller: "What's a nenning?"
[20:10] Happy: Lucia grins. "They really defy description, wouldn't you say, Dan?"
[20:12] Murska: 'Never seen one, but from what little I read…'
[20:13] Happy: "You haven't? Kara, I think this is worth changing into your suit for, if you're feeling up for it."
[20:13] Shadowcaller: "Yeah, thats for the best I guess, let's find a bathroom."
[20:16] Happy: They do so… then happy scampers off to the kitchen for brb food…
[20:16] Shadowcaller: (Right…)
[20:28] Shadowcaller: Kara gets changed into her suit once again which makes her only her eyes visible.
[20:30] Shadowcaller: *makes only her eyes visible
[20:30] Shadowcaller: You hear her take a deep breath behind the plastic vision "Let's go then."
[20:32] Happy: Lucia leads them towards the subway, not knowing that Kara had previously turned it down.
[20:33] Shadowcaller: She dosen't disagree this time, she feel a lot more comfortable in her suit, at least in these types of places.
[20:35] Happy: They arrive at the zoo. It's crowded, of course, with lots of children running around and screaming in the way that happy children do that sounds like their being murdered. -.-
[20:35] Happy: *they're
[20:36] Shadowcaller: (Hehe.)
[20:36] Happy: (I /hate/ that sound)
[20:36] Shadowcaller: (They should have invited something in the future that takes it away:P)
[20:37] Shadowcaller: (Maybe a sounf filter?;))
[20:37] Shadowcaller: *sound
[20:38] Happy: (probably available with the ear implant)
[20:38] Shadowcaller: (Mhm…)
[20:38] Shadowcaller: (Too bad you will start to block the sound of you alarm >.<)
[20:40] Shadowcaller: Kara dosen't really mind… a lot. She just want to see the animals. (*sigh* it's like she was 8 again.)
[20:44] Shadowcaller: (here.)
[20:46] Happy: There aren't any large animals, like elephants or giraffes, but many small terrestrial species are represented.
[20:47] Happy: There's a tribe of capuchin monkeys.
[20:48] Shadowcaller: (Many earth animals? Not like they would look any less alien to Kara…)
[20:52] Shadowcaller: Kara is fascinated to see so many animals in real life. "Are these animals from earth? I have seen some of them in our log files."
[20:55] Murska: 'Most of them are.'
[20:58] Shadowcaller: "Which ones aren't?"
[20:58] Happy: "We have to go to the Moab section."
[20:59] Shadowcaller: "Are there animals from other planets as well?"
[20:59] Shadowcaller: (I guess the earth animals are cloned or something like that?)
[21:01] Happy: They were originally bottle grown from embryos by the terraformers, but all of the zoo occupants are their more naturally born descendants
[21:01] Shadowcaller: (Yeah, I figured that.)
[21:04] Happy: There is a long line to get into the Moab exhibit.
[21:06] Shadowcaller: Kara likes to watch all other animals first anyway.
[21:11] Happy: The line is long whenever you join it, but eventually you make it into the exhibit, which is walled off from the rest of the zoo.
[21:13] Shadowcaller: We go into the exhibit then.
[21:14] Happy: It isn't domed, but the change is still obvious when you enter. The plants are more of a blue-green, and to a larger scale than the terrestrial plants.
[21:16] Happy: The first animals you see don't seem very different to the others, at least to untrained eyes. There are little bird looking things, and some reptilian critters. The tour guides assure you of many anatomical differences between them and their earth counterparts, but that sort of thing is only exciting to biologists. The most popular place to go is the nenning habitat.
[21:17] Shadowcaller: "Whats so different about nenning's?"
[21:18] Happy: "You'll see." *smiling*
[21:19] Shadowcaller: "Right…"
[21:20] Happy: You reach the nennings. They are about knee high, covered with fur, and have three heads, each on a snaky stalk that is topped with an eye and a mouth.
[21:22] Happy: Most of them are eating leaves with one head, while the other two are spread wide, looking in two different directions. A few of the juveniles are eating with two heads.
[21:24] Shadowcaller: Kara looks oddly at them, her facial expression hidden by her vision plastic.
[21:24] Happy: Some of them groom each other, using their mouths, and a pair is resting together near a bush, with their necks intertwined.
[21:26] Shadowcaller: "Why are they so different?" She asks, sounding a bit doumbfounded
[21:28] Happy: Tour guide: "These are the most intelligent life form that we've found on Moab, and is believed they may be on their way to developing sapience. "
[21:30] Shadowcaller: "They have three heads." Kara states.
[21:32] Happy: The tour guide goes on with her prepared speech. "Because of this, the Eden Institute of Science raised money to provide one of the largest biodomes ever created to preserve the original Moab conditions and allow the nennings to continue to evolve." A pause and a smile. "Of course, we won't know the results for at least another thirty thousand years."
[21:35] Happy: "Despite having three heads, the nennings only have one brain. If you look closely, you'll see a thickened area where the heads meet the torso. Underneath that thick layer of fur and fat, and another thick layer of bone, is their brain. Considerably better protected than ours."
[21:36] Shadowcaller: (Hm, shrimp and Elly are online…) "Why do they look so different from all other animals?"
[21:39] Shadowcaller: (They rarely respond^^)
[21:41] Happy: "Anatomically, there are a lot of similarities between them and the other Moaban life. They aren't unique in having three heads. There are other related species that also have three heads, and you'll see them soon. But none are as large or as intelligent as the nennings, so we like you to see them first."
[21:42] Happy: If Kara is staring intently at the exhibit, she might not notice that the newest group that just came in has a few Kzinti among them.
[21:43] Shadowcaller: SHe dosen't.
[21:47] Happy: They are speaking to each other in their own language, but quietly. It sounds like the hissing and yowling of a cat fight.
[21:49] Shadowcaller: Kara would turn to them eventually, just a glance.
[21:50] Happy: (waits for Murska to participate in teh game :P )
[21:51] Shadowcaller: (Bah, he is playing risk.)
[21:51] Murska: (is going to, if someone invites me some day)
[21:52] Murska: Dan has been going along and glances at the Kzinti before turning back to the exhibit.
[21:53] Shadowcaller: (I think the problem with demons is that we got 3 players that wants to play and we got 2 that dosen't really…)
[21:53] Happy: "Kara… look at the little grey one! He's using his mouths like little hands!"
[21:54] Happy: (ask them if they want to drop out, npc them, and kill them off then)
[21:55] Shadowcaller: (Hehe…) Kara turns to the nennings again "What? Where?"
[22:04] Shadowcaller: (Ugh, I'm not good at asking this.)
[22:04] Happy: ("If you guys are tired of demons, just say so, and we'll make your characters into npcs and carry on without you")
[22:05] Shadowcaller: (Hm, I'll try, but do continue the game >.>)
[22:06] Happy: You see the grey nenning she pointed out weaving thin vines together.
[22:09] Shadowcaller: Kara smiles and gets the urge to poke the glas, but resists thankfully.
[22:15] Happy: (need a break)
[22:15] Happy: The Kzinti continue talking. They seem interested in the nennings as well.

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