Apr 02b

4/2/2010 5:00:15 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane As Trevenar is inside the bathroom, Nala enters, still moving somewhat awkward.
4/2/2010 5:01:15 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller He's busy numbing his leg to remove the bullet, but glances up. "Didn't expect to see you here."
4/2/2010 5:01:28 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "Need to get clean."
4/2/2010 5:01:33 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "Obviously."
4/2/2010 5:02:21 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller He grimaces a bit as he uses the tweezers to pull out the slug. "One moment and I'll leave."
4/2/2010 5:08:08 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller .
4/2/2010 5:10:58 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane She looks the other way, waiting for him. "You must have it easy, never need to care about pureness."
4/2/2010 5:12:56 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller "No, not really." He says as he fills the wound with antiseptic. "I have to worry about /other/ people's health."
4/2/2010 5:13:38 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "So do we." She replies.
4/2/2010 5:14:21 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller "Have you ever seen an entire space station panick because you were cut defending someone else's life?"
4/2/2010 5:14:58 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "So that is the price you pay."
4/2/2010 5:15:22 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "For your third eyes…"
4/2/2010 5:16:27 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller "Now, the climate wasn't nearly right for transmission, but no one there has immune systems. I don't /like/ being dangerous to people like that." He says as he wraps his leg in a bandage.
4/2/2010 5:16:47 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller "But, it's what I am, and I don't wish to change that."
4/2/2010 5:19:18 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "Your ancestors wanted to change."
4/2/2010 5:22:18 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller "But it let us survive where you couldn't." He straps on the armored legging and stands. "I'll let you take your shower in peace, I'll be in the hallway."
4/2/2010 5:23:07 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "We survived…"
4/2/2010 5:26:53 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "You were the ones that killed us."
4/2/2010 5:26:57 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "Not the planet."
4/2/2010 5:30:40 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane —-
4/2/2010 5:31:07 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller He shrugs. "Not the story we're taught." He goes and leaves unless she stops him
4/2/2010 5:34:07 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane She frowns at him, despite her lack of eyebrows. "We survived. That's true."
4/2/2010 5:37:30 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane And then he leaves I guess.
4/2/2010 5:42:58 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller He'll wait for her to finish.
4/2/2010 5:43:21 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane (I guess I should wait until your unbusy <.<)
4/2/2010 5:43:32 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller (No, keep going, don't worry)
4/2/2010 5:47:33 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane (He's waiting outside? >.>)
4/2/2010 5:47:58 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller In the hallway, he has nowhere else to go and it's where he's supposed to sleep apparently
4/2/2010 5:49:58 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane She is in there pretty long.
4/2/2010 5:50:18 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller He figured that'd be the case, so sits back against the wall to rest his leg.
4/2/2010 5:51:29 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane Tirek comes to check up on him "She's still in there?"
4/2/2010 5:51:53 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller He nods.
4/2/2010 5:52:56 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "You like to sleep elsewhere? It's soon dawn…"
4/2/2010 5:53:38 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller "I won't need to sleep much, I can meditate a bit to regain some energy."
4/2/2010 5:54:14 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane (V'traani = Elves?:P)
4/2/2010 5:55:27 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller (No, but because of his mental condition, he was taught it to help keep him from falling to pieces compeltely))
4/2/2010 5:56:10 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane (Mental condition? From the transformation?)
4/2/2010 5:56:23 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller (Remember, his mind is a bit shattered?)
4/2/2010 5:56:39 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane Hm, right
4/2/2010 5:57:11 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller (It helps him keep focused, but it only helps his body slightly. He still needs actual sleep)
4/2/2010 5:57:55 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "Hopefully you can sleep for a long time now, we won't be doing much for a day."
4/2/2010 6:04:23 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller "I can hope, but if you need me, simply wake me up."
4/2/2010 6:08:01 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane (sec.)
4/2/2010 6:13:00 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "You can ask about one of the other empty rooms, thought I'm not sure they would let you take them…"
4/2/2010 6:13:55 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller "I won't ask. I understand what losing your friends feels like."
4/2/2010 6:15:20 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane He sigh "We lost more that we gained on this planet."
4/2/2010 6:16:25 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane He turns around "But sleep well then V'traani."
4/2/2010 6:16:45 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller He nods. "Thank you. As soon as Nalla leaves, I will."
4/2/2010 6:18:21 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane Tirek leaves.
4/2/2010 6:19:15 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane And Nath'alia still don't leaves. It have been about 3 hours now.
4/2/2010 6:20:05 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller He knocks. "You alright?" He hopes the wounds didn't reopen and cause her to pass out.
4/2/2010 6:24:00 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane There is no reply.
4/2/2010 6:40:04 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller He opens the door, shielding his eyes first. "Nalla? Are you okay?" His voice is a bit raised.
4/2/2010 6:42:10 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane It's locked.
4/2/2010 6:44:51 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller He goes to find whereever Tirek went to get him
4/2/2010 6:48:56 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane (Ugh… a reason I stay out of ffrp… and Murska is doing it as well <.<)
4/2/2010 6:50:08 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller (Ugh, most of the time it's worth it, but sometimes…)
4/2/2010 6:50:52 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane (Well, that thing with Helios didn't work out that well… I prefere to RP in small groups were you know people.)
4/2/2010 6:54:01 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane He find him.
4/2/2010 6:55:16 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller "Tirek, the door to the room is locked and she isn't answering my knocks."
4/2/2010 6:56:32 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "…I guess we have to break it up then."
4/2/2010 6:57:29 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller "The wounds may have bled out. I couldn't do much for them."
4/2/2010 6:59:49 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane He sigh "Let me get something to break it up with.." (it's a quite weak door actually.)
4/2/2010 7:00:57 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller "I can break it open, I just wanted to know if you could unlock it."
4/2/2010 7:02:48 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "It's a toilet, we don't have keys to those."
4/2/2010 7:05:37 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller "I'll kick the door in if you want, I want you to be there in case though."
4/2/2010 7:05:48 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane He nods.
4/2/2010 7:07:34 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller He goes back to the door, and once Tirek gets there, he kicks the door in.
4/2/2010 7:08:07 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane He can still hear water running as he enters, he notices blood as well.
4/2/2010 7:08:34 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller He curses and goes to find her.
4/2/2010 7:10:51 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane She have leaned against the wall, the wall behind her is colored red with blood. She looks pretty disoriented.
4/2/2010 7:12:16 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller "Grab her other arm, we have to get her to her room so I can treat her again."
4/2/2010 7:12:50 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "Great father… she insisted she were okay."
4/2/2010 7:24:07 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller He takes her under an arm, trying to pick her up.
4/2/2010 7:24:21 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller and no, he doesn't care if she's wearing nothing
4/2/2010 7:26:17 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane (<.< well, if your wondering… she's physically similar to V'traani underneath.) She mumbles something unhearable. Tirek picks up a towel. "She's going to freak out about this… this isn't good."
4/2/2010 7:28:49 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane (ANd yes, they wear full gear inside the ship as well…)
4/2/2010 7:28:51 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller "Then let her freak out. Health first, then personal decency. But if you insist, wrap her up."
4/2/2010 7:29:32 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "First get her wounds, I'm not going to lose another one."
4/2/2010 7:29:51 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller "Help me to her room, I need a better place than here."
4/2/2010 7:30:33 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "Naked?…" He looks around the bathroom.
4/2/2010 7:31:21 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller "I said you can cover her up, but we need her out of here. The shower isn't the cleanest place for this. We can get her clothing later."
4/2/2010 7:32:24 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "She is bleeding pretty heavily… warp this towel around her, at least give her some dignity."
4/2/2010 7:32:32 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane He offers him a towel.
4/2/2010 7:33:37 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller He does so. "Lead on. I have all my supplies on me."
4/2/2010 7:34:34 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "What do you have?" Says as they quickly hurries to Nala's room (WHere is the dagger?)
4/2/2010 7:35:16 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller (it would have been out of the way, on a desk or something so she'd find it later. She could have found it earlier though and moved it.)
4/2/2010 7:36:10 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane (Well, she wouldn't have touched it… but she have reached a peak of impureness here <.<)
4/2/2010 7:37:07 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller (heh Does she even feel bad about it though?)
4/2/2010 7:37:24 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane (What do you mean?)
4/2/2010 7:38:04 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane (She's a bit mental right now.)
4/2/2010 7:38:06 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller (Does she feel bad for being "Impure"? In trade for that, he's saved her life on multiple occasions and is doing it again)
4/2/2010 7:38:07 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller ah
4/2/2010 7:39:24 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane He puts her on the bed I guess, the towel is turning red.
4/2/2010 7:39:55 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller He turns her to look at the wound.
4/2/2010 7:40:37 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane It looks like it have reopened possibly due excessive scrubbing
4/2/2010 7:42:58 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller He sighs starts getting back to work on her. "You're going to have to talk to her after this. Convince her she's not impure simply because I touched her. She did this herself."
4/2/2010 7:43:50 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "Thats going to be hard…"
4/2/2010 7:44:09 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "I don't think you really understand."
4/2/2010 7:45:41 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "Impure can't be with pure, impureness is like a disease. I'm sure she told you this."
4/2/2010 7:46:37 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller "Yes, but she said she had ways to make herself pure again. Surely my treating her wounds didn't cause her to do *this*."
4/2/2010 7:47:14 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "Well, it explains why she didn't want me to treat her."
4/2/2010 7:47:44 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller "What do you mean? You told me it was okay."
4/2/2010 7:49:09 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "You are already "inpure", but she didn't want make me impure, do you understand?"
4/2/2010 7:49:51 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller "So she thought getting her wounds checked by you would make you impure as well?" He shakes his head sadly at the though.
4/2/2010 7:49:54 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller thought*
4/2/2010 7:50:34 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "Pretty much, like a disease as I said."
4/2/2010 7:52:07 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller "Is there anything you can do? If she keeps reopening these, she's going to kill herself from blood loss."
4/2/2010 7:52:47 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "Oh, she won't do that in a while… you touching her like that… I don't she she belives she can just clean that away."
4/2/2010 7:55:39 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller "Well, she *thought* she could." He says as he continues to try and fix her up.
4/2/2010 7:56:52 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "Well, you only touched her at once place then. Now that you have carried her around like this, it becomes another thing for her."
4/2/2010 7:57:16 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller "I also had to carry her back to the ship as well."
4/2/2010 7:57:24 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller "What'll happen to her?"
4/2/2010 7:59:00 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "Well, then she had clothes on didn't she?"
4/2/2010 7:59:14 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "And how do you mean?"
4/2/2010 8:00:27 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller "True, I guess this is a big difference. And I mean once she wakes up. She thinks she's impure…" an idea comes to him. "When she comes to, don't tell her I carried her or even saw her until she was here and mostly covered."
4/2/2010 8:01:25 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "…I'll see what I can do."
4/2/2010 8:02:20 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "How is her wound?"
4/2/2010 8:04:08 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller "If she doesn't know I touched her, she won't be convinced she's even worse." He sighs. "She's widened it a bit from trying to scrub my "Impureness" off, causing it to bleed out. But if you can convince her to let it heal, she'll be fine as long as it's kept clean."
4/2/2010 8:05:30 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane He nods "I know you find our customs strange Trevenar, but most races I meet have had some concept of 'uncleanness'."
4/2/2010 8:06:51 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller "I understand, but taking it this far is a bit idiotic. No offense intended."
4/2/2010 8:11:18 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "Many of my people find your traditions a fair bit idiotic, no offense intended either."
4/2/2010 8:12:00 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller "None taken, but will you keep it secret that I saw her?"
4/2/2010 8:13:16 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane He sigh "And if she remembers?"
4/2/2010 8:13:50 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller "Hallucinations brought on by stress and bloodloss. Trust me, I've had more than a few of them."
4/2/2010 8:14:12 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller He gives a glance to Eclipsia who is simply standing near him.
4/2/2010 8:14:31 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane (*rolls eyes*)
4/2/2010 8:14:41 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller =P
4/2/2010 8:16:43 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "Lying isn't something I'm good at, but we will see."
4/2/2010 8:18:33 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller He puts on a fresh bandage and sets some extra on the bed near her, as well as anti-septic. "In case she tries to tear at them again."
4/2/2010 8:20:01 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "Shouldn't have picked her for this… far too inexperienced."
4/2/2010 8:23:37 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "But thanks for keeping her alive."
4/2/2010 8:25:58 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane (Hm, I'm not sure what direction Trevenars dream should have…)
4/2/2010 8:26:11 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller (make it up as you go? )
4/2/2010 8:26:44 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane (Either it would a natural one, or a… very plot heavy one that might cause a long lasting plot.)
4/2/2010 8:27:02 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller (Oooo…doesn't matter ^^)
4/2/2010 8:27:36 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane (Well… the other one might make you feel forced <.<)
4/2/2010 8:27:47 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane (Or maybe not…)
4/2/2010 8:28:21 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller "It's no problem for me at least, but I'm going to sleep while I can. Wake me up if you have any complications. I'll be in the hallway for ease of finding me."
4/2/2010 8:28:49 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane He nods "As you wish, I'll stay with her for the night."
4/2/2010 8:30:33 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller He nods before leaving and sitting against the wall a little way away, easily falling asleep. Unless something stops him.
4/2/2010 8:32:49 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller (Most of Kara's dream plot is done except for a few things which will happen later on)
4/2/2010 8:33:08 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane (Well, this one will be different.)
4/2/2010 8:33:30 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane He falls asleep and starts to dream…
4/2/2010 8:35:06 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane He see himself in his grear standing in a very alien-esq house of some type. The only thing he really recognizes is a double bed.
4/2/2010 8:36:34 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane Suddenly Eclipsia appears near himself. She smiles at him.
4/2/2010 8:37:20 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller Who's bed is it?
4/2/2010 8:37:31 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller Or is it just one he recognizes?
4/2/2010 8:37:35 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane Not anyone he can recognize.
4/2/2010 8:37:41 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller ah
4/2/2010 8:37:51 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane But it's the only object in the room he can see the use for.
4/2/2010 8:38:13 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane The other objects are really strange, but in contex with the bed…
4/2/2010 8:39:51 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane The mood in the room is pretty loaded, there is a certain amposphere here.
4/2/2010 8:40:16 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller He smiles back to Eclipsia. "Where am I?"
4/2/2010 8:41:20 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "A place that do not exist."
4/2/2010 8:42:36 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane (sec.)
4/2/2010 8:52:25 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "How are you feeling Trevenar?"
4/2/2010 8:53:09 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller He sits on the bed and looks up at her. "Strange, confused a little."
4/2/2010 8:53:39 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "Why is that?" She smiles again.
4/2/2010 8:54:47 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller He gestures at himself. "I imagined myself like this plenty of times, but never thought I'd actually be like this." Trev sighs. "And I feel so sorry for the Archians."
4/2/2010 8:55:36 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "Beacuse they are not like us?"
4/2/2010 8:56:27 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller "Not at all. I feel sorry for them because they're close minded and walled off. It seems like if you even make a move to get through that wall, they're afraid of what will happen."
4/2/2010 8:57:35 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller "I only /touched/ one to pull bullets out of her and she feels like it's the end of the world."
4/2/2010 8:58:37 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "Fear… yes, they fear us greatly."
4/2/2010 9:00:55 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller "All they seem to know is fear, hatred, or pity."
4/2/2010 9:03:22 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "We were once one."
4/2/2010 9:03:53 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "But when we became two, a great fear came to them."
4/2/2010 9:05:48 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "It caused the war."
4/2/2010 9:06:43 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "And so many years later, we still can't live along side each other."
4/2/2010 9:07:40 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "I wish to end that. I wish us to become a people again."
4/2/2010 9:07:51 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane * one people
4/2/2010 9:10:57 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller This…this was an odd dream. Sure, he dreamed of her plenty of times, but being asked by her to do something was new. "What…what do you mean?"
4/2/2010 9:11:51 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "I wish to make a bridge between us, both of our races."
4/2/2010 9:12:01 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "To become one again."
4/2/2010 9:13:02 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane Sec
4/2/2010 9:15:45 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller He seems a tad uncomfortable for a moment. "How?"
4/2/2010 9:16:22 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "You look disturbed." She says in a calm voice.
4/2/2010 9:17:46 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller "It's just…" he looks like he's in thought for a moment. "This just doesn't feel like a dream any more."
4/2/2010 9:20:16 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane She smiles but dosen't talk more about that "I need a child Trevenar. Someone who can close the bridge between us. An avatar."
4/2/2010 9:20:38 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller "What do you mean?"
4/2/2010 9:21:46 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "I need a child." She repeats, some hidden meaning behind her voice.
4/2/2010 9:23:12 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller "You wish for me to have a child with an Archian then?"
4/2/2010 9:26:18 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane She smiles "Only if you wish. I can ask someone else."
4/2/2010 9:27:19 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller He shakes his head. "No, you've asked me for a reason, and I won't betray your trust in me."
4/2/2010 9:28:28 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane She goes closer, putting her hand on his cheek. "I don't want you to sacrifice yourself. I do not like matyrs."
4/2/2010 9:29:25 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane ( I had planned something completely different… but suddenly it went this way instead.)
4/2/2010 9:32:19 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller He sets his hand on her's. "I have always lived to serve you. And I won't die from this, so I can't be a martyr."
4/2/2010 9:33:12 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "All matyrs dosen't Trevenar…" She closes her eyes, looking away a bit.
4/2/2010 9:33:21 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane *die
4/2/2010 9:34:11 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "The child, it needs both worlds."
4/2/2010 9:36:27 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller "If you mean for them to be accepted by both, that will be hard."
4/2/2010 9:36:54 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane She nods "Yes, it will be."
4/2/2010 9:37:30 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "Which is why you can't be a lone matyr. I needs more then that."
4/2/2010 9:37:56 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller "What do you need then?"
4/2/2010 9:40:15 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "I need the other side as well…"
4/2/2010 9:40:51 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "I need the Archians."
4/2/2010 9:41:05 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "Or one Arhcian."
4/2/2010 9:41:43 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane *I need…
4/2/2010 9:41:54 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane (Stupid words…)
4/2/2010 9:42:09 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller "Does he wish this as well?" (I forgot the name of the Archian God)
4/2/2010 9:43:56 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane (Vezerdrix.)
4/2/2010 9:45:10 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "I will talk to him." She replies, sounding confident.
4/2/2010 9:46:18 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller "How do you wish me to do this?"
4/2/2010 9:47:09 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "…I don't want to cause suffering. I don't want you to suffer in any way for this."
4/2/2010 9:47:27 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "I wish you to do it that way."
4/2/2010 9:47:41 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller "I won't suffer, I swear."
4/2/2010 9:49:28 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane She nods "Good, I like the child to be born of love…" She smirks "…or mutual lust. Can't have it any other way."
4/2/2010 9:50:47 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane (Why does suddenly going to the V'traani planet alone and unarmed feel like a easier option?)
4/2/2010 9:51:03 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller (Heh)
4/2/2010 9:51:08 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller (That was the dream before?)
4/2/2010 9:51:58 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane (Eh, the other dream was… something else. It didn't even have to do with Eclipsia…)
4/2/2010 9:53:52 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller "I will have to speak to one of them that I know. One of their Predators, by the name of Tirek, of this and ask what he recommends. He seems very open minded about everything."
4/2/2010 9:56:02 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "I know." She smiles "Just remember that someone else can be asked."
4/2/2010 9:56:54 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller "You won't have to ask someone else. I'll gladly do this." He gives her a smile in return.
4/2/2010 10:01:43 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller .
4/2/2010 10:02:08 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "I know." She repeats, sounding a bit sad.
4/2/2010 10:03:37 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "Just, if you have any doubt along the way…"
4/2/2010 10:04:41 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller "I understand, and you don't need to be sad about this."
4/2/2010 10:05:55 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane She smiles a bit "I don't like to ask things of my people, I am supposed to serve them."
4/2/2010 10:06:45 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "not the other way around."
4/2/2010 10:07:03 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller "I'm proud to be able to serve you in return though."
4/2/2010 10:08:36 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller "Is there anything else you wish of me?"
4/2/2010 10:09:04 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane She seems to think for a while "Is there anything you wish of me?"
4/2/2010 10:10:42 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller "Just your blessings, that is all."
4/2/2010 10:12:13 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "Trevenar…" She says with a grin "You always have my blessing. You know that."
4/2/2010 10:13:43 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller He smiles. "Then thank you, that is all the reassurance I need."
4/2/2010 10:14:26 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "I still feel uncomfortable doing this…"
4/2/2010 10:15:29 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "I ask a great deal out of you."
4/2/2010 10:17:07 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller "You can never ask too much of me."
4/2/2010 10:18:12 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "Don't say that Trevenar, I'm not without flaws. You must have a mind of your own as well, you must questk
4/2/2010 10:18:31 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane *question what I say as well."
4/2/2010 10:19:40 PM Happy has been added to the conversation.
4/2/2010 10:19:45 PM Shadowcaller Happy, Wolfbane (Hi.)
4/2/2010 10:20:07 PM Wolfbane Happy, Shadowcaller He shakes his head. "I would, but what you say is sound. and I see no reason not to do it." Trev smiles. "Besides, I might have fun along the way."
4/2/2010 10:22:33 PM Happy Shadowcaller, Wolfbane (eidited last outside post to include pyramid)
4/2/2010 10:22:39 PM Wolfbane Happy, Shadowcaller Wolfbane says (10:20 PM): He shakes his head. "I would, but what you say is sound. and I see no reason not to do it." Trev smiles. "Besides, I might have fun along the way."
4/2/2010 10:22:43 PM Wolfbane Happy, Shadowcaller (thanks)
4/2/2010 10:23:40 PM Shadowcaller Happy, Wolfbane She smiles back "I wish evryone to have fun, it's much better then to not have it."
4/2/2010 10:24:28 PM Wolfbane Happy, Shadowcaller He nods. "If that is everything, I should probably wake up now. I have a lot of work ahead of me."
4/2/2010 10:25:42 PM Shadowcaller Happy, Wolfbane "You have. Good luck Trevenar, I'll be at your side…"
4/2/2010 10:25:51 PM Shadowcaller Happy, Wolfbane And the dream ends.
4/2/2010 10:27:03 PM Wolfbane Happy, Shadowcaller When he wakes up, he'll look for Tirek.
4/2/2010 10:27:19 PM Shadowcaller Happy, Wolfbane (Where did he go to sleep=
4/2/2010 10:27:21 PM Shadowcaller Happy, Wolfbane )
4/2/2010 10:27:28 PM Shadowcaller Happy, Wolfbane ?
4/2/2010 10:27:51 PM Wolfbane Happy, Shadowcaller Outside Nalla's doorway so he could be find easily in case he was needed.
4/2/2010 10:27:58 PM Wolfbane Happy, Shadowcaller found*
4/2/2010 10:28:23 PM Shadowcaller Happy, Wolfbane Well, in that case Tirek is still inside her room.
4/2/2010 10:28:44 PM Shadowcaller Happy, Wolfbane "Your up already?"
4/2/2010 10:28:55 PM Shadowcaller Happy, Wolfbane He have taken off his helmet at least.
4/2/2010 10:29:24 PM Shadowcaller Happy, Wolfbane He notices that he is much more lizard then eiither Nalla or Trev is.
4/2/2010 10:30:00 PM Wolfbane Happy, Shadowcaller "We need to talk. In private."
4/2/2010 10:30:46 PM Shadowcaller Happy, Wolfbane "Oh?" He glances at the sleeping Nala and then shrugs "We could speak here."
4/2/2010 10:31:19 PM Shadowcaller Happy, Wolfbane Tirek looks pretty tired.
4/2/2010 10:31:23 PM Wolfbane Happy, Shadowcaller "It's probably best to be elsewhere. In case she wakes up. She probably shouldn't hear this."
4/2/2010 10:32:03 PM Shadowcaller Happy, Wolfbane "…I'm not comfortable keeping secrets for my team V'traani."
4/2/2010 10:32:28 PM Shadowcaller Happy, Wolfbane *from
4/2/2010 10:32:59 PM Wolfbane Happy, Shadowcaller "I understand, but you can decide if you want to tell them or not afterwards."
4/2/2010 10:33:01 PM Shadowcaller Happy, Wolfbane (Hm, my dad is going away for a month on monday <.<)
4/2/2010 10:33:10 PM Shadowcaller Happy, Wolfbane (Going to Burma.)
4/2/2010 10:34:03 PM Shadowcaller Happy, Wolfbane He sigh "Fine, let's go to one of the others rooms then."
4/2/2010 10:34:41 PM Shadowcaller Happy, Wolfbane You go into one of the deads room's.
4/2/2010 10:35:40 PM Shadowcaller Happy, Wolfbane Tirek closes the door, "So what do you want? Seems a bit sudden."
4/2/2010 10:36:14 PM Wolfbane Happy, Shadowcaller "Have you ever spoken to your god?"
4/2/2010 10:36:30 PM Shadowcaller Happy, Wolfbane "…Err, what?"
4/2/2010 10:44:09 PM Shadowcaller Happy, Wolfbane (I swear I replied more…)
4/2/2010 10:44:55 PM Wolfbane Happy, Shadowcaller "Have you ever spoken to your god?" Shadowcaller says (10:36 PM): "…Err, what?"
4/2/2010 10:44:58 PM Wolfbane Happy, Shadowcaller (all I saw)
4/2/2010 10:45:49 PM Shadowcaller Happy, Wolfbane "Sometimes I wish I had, other times I really belived I had, but no, I don't think so."
4/2/2010 10:51:29 PM Wolfbane Happy, Shadowcaller "Well, mine spoke to me last night and what she said was…odd. But I feel inclined to listen to her."
4/2/2010 10:59:06 PM Shadowcaller Happy, Wolfbane "Okay… I'm all ears I guess?"
4/2/2010 10:59:34 PM Wolfbane Happy, Shadowcaller He explains what he heard and what he said slowly.
4/2/2010 11:00:57 PM Shadowcaller Happy, Wolfbane Tirek looks at him shocked "That is a very odd dream you had there."
4/2/2010 11:03:39 PM Shadowcaller Happy, Wolfbane "I don't really know what to say about it…"
4/2/2010 11:06:58 PM Shadowcaller Happy, Wolfbane (Going to fall asleep soon <.<)
4/2/2010 11:07:06 PM Wolfbane Happy, Shadowcaller (sorry)
4/2/2010 11:07:23 PM Wolfbane Happy, Shadowcaller "Well, the question I wanted to ask, is what you recommended."
4/2/2010 11:09:07 PM Shadowcaller Happy, Wolfbane "What I recommend?"
4/2/2010 11:13:20 PM Wolfbane Happy, Shadowcaller "Yes. I'm a bit at a loss at what exactly to do. The only female of your race I know, is Nalla."
4/2/2010 11:19:39 PM Wolfbane Happy, Shadowcaller .
4/2/2010 11:22:31 PM Wolfbane Happy, Shadowcaller I think he fell asleep
4/2/2010 11:22:54 PM Happy Shadowcaller, Wolfbane probably
4/2/2010 11:30:50 PM Wolfbane Happy, Shadowcaller .
4/2/2010 11:32:21 PM Shadowcaller Happy, Wolfbane <.z.z.
4/2/2010 11:32:27 PM Wolfbane Happy, Shadowcaller >.>
4/2/2010 11:44:37 PM Wolfbane Happy, Shadowcaller .
4/3/2010 12:54:02 AM Shadowcaller Wolfbane Hi
4/3/2010 12:54:08 AM Wolfbane Shadowcaller hey
4/3/2010 12:54:34 AM Wolfbane Shadowcaller The last thing said was Trev asking what he recommended because the only female Archian he met was Nalla
4/3/2010 12:54:47 AM Shadowcaller Wolfbane Oh…
4/3/2010 12:54:55 AM Wolfbane Shadowcaller Or are you going to bed?
4/3/2010 12:55:02 AM Shadowcaller Wolfbane I was in bed:P
4/3/2010 12:56:26 AM Shadowcaller Wolfbane I was sleeping… like 2 hours or something. "I can't say what you say is untrue, but you must admit, it sounds… strange."
4/3/2010 12:59:24 AM Wolfbane Shadowcaller "It does, I know, I was just requested to do that after all. But I can see the reasoning behind it, so will follow it."
4/3/2010 1:00:34 AM Wolfbane Shadowcaller "It /does/ have logic behind it after all."
4/3/2010 1:16:14 AM Wolfbane Shadowcaller (did you fall asleep on the keyboard? Been 16 minutes)
4/3/2010 1:43:32 AM Wolfbane Shadowcaller Back again? =P
4/3/2010 2:08:17 AM Shadowcaller Wolfbane Back
4/3/2010 2:08:35 AM Shadowcaller Wolfbane Sorry, but if it's long between replies <.<
4/3/2010 2:08:45 AM Wolfbane Shadowcaller I noticed. =P
4/3/2010 2:08:50 AM Shadowcaller Wolfbane Your going to bed soon right?
4/3/2010 2:09:09 AM Wolfbane Shadowcaller I'm wanting to wait till this movie is over. I have 20 minutes
4/3/2010 2:09:15 AM Shadowcaller Wolfbane Okay
4/3/2010 2:09:22 AM Shadowcaller Wolfbane What movie?
4/3/2010 2:09:31 AM Wolfbane Shadowcaller The Frighteners
4/3/2010 2:12:00 AM Wolfbane Shadowcaller need last said?
4/3/2010 2:12:05 AM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "Well… a child you say? You should talk to a breeder about that. But you won't find a breeder outside Tegorn."
4/3/2010 2:12:43 AM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "And I doubt you would be allowed in there…"
4/3/2010 2:13:31 AM Wolfbane Shadowcaller "She never specified a breeder, which is why I wanted to tell you this /away/ from Nalla in case she woke and took it in a bad way."
4/3/2010 2:14:05 AM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "Of course. I understand."
4/3/2010 2:15:55 AM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "This makes it very complicated…" He sigh.
4/3/2010 2:16:09 AM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "I can't return to Tegorn."
4/3/2010 2:16:53 AM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "Not until a duty I have is over, so no luck there."
4/3/2010 2:17:48 AM Wolfbane Shadowcaller "Which brings me to the most awkward part of this." Trev fidgets a bit. "Nalla is the only female Archian I've /met/, let alone know."
4/3/2010 2:18:13 AM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "Females are rare among my peope, yes."
4/3/2010 2:19:22 AM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "They aren't often sent on dangerous missions like these. All females are kept at Tegorn…"
4/3/2010 2:19:35 AM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "Most of them breeders."
4/3/2010 2:20:08 AM Wolfbane Shadowcaller He nods.
4/3/2010 2:21:17 AM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "Nala is a very rare case. I don't know what to say really, she had not been picked by anyone, despite being trained for this in a year."
4/3/2010 2:21:27 AM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "I felt sorry for her."
4/3/2010 2:22:29 AM Shadowcaller Wolfbane (AKA, the hadn't been picked a singel time during a year after she completed her traning.)
4/3/2010 2:22:40 AM Wolfbane Shadowcaller (To be a breeder?)
4/3/2010 2:22:50 AM Shadowcaller Wolfbane (No, to go on a mission.)
4/3/2010 2:22:55 AM Wolfbane Shadowcaller (ah, okay)
4/3/2010 2:23:18 AM Shadowcaller Wolfbane (She was trained for this.)
4/3/2010 2:23:52 AM Shadowcaller Wolfbane (But don't have experience outside that training…)
4/3/2010 2:24:30 AM Wolfbane Shadowcaller "Any particular reason why?"
4/3/2010 2:24:39 AM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "She was female."
4/3/2010 2:25:02 AM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "Most don't like to risk female lives on missions like these."
4/3/2010 2:27:57 AM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "Either you can wait a few years…"
4/3/2010 2:29:05 AM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "I don't know what to say really. It is my duty to make sure she is alive."
4/3/2010 2:29:25 AM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "And in part, pure."
4/3/2010 2:30:48 AM Wolfbane Shadowcaller "This is a problem, yes, but the larger one is that I was told it should be mutual, which I doubt will be very likely with *any* Archian female I meet."
4/3/2010 2:31:18 AM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "Breeders are usually pretty open about that really."
4/3/2010 2:31:46 AM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "They can't be pure, which puts them close to your kin."
4/3/2010 2:32:19 AM Wolfbane Shadowcaller "But, as you said, they're under close watch all the time, and it's very unlikely I'd ever get to see one."
4/3/2010 2:32:44 AM Shadowcaller Wolfbane He nods "Yes."
4/3/2010 2:33:20 AM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "and I would kill you right now if you didn't want it to be mutual…"
4/3/2010 2:35:19 AM Wolfbane Shadowcaller "I'm not some barbaric rapist, no matter what stories are told. I /do/ have morals and even a code of honor, even if no one else seems to believe it."
4/3/2010 2:36:16 AM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "Don't worry, none of your kin I meet have been particulary barbaric. Rather the opposite actually."
4/3/2010 2:37:30 AM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "But the only advice I can give you is to talk to her, or wait…"
4/3/2010 2:38:12 AM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "Or something else. To approch that directly might not be wise."
4/3/2010 2:38:48 AM Wolfbane Shadowcaller "The problem with waiting is that I have no way of knowing I'll meet another, or even live long enough to do so. And I can't exactly ask her to come with me for no reason."
4/3/2010 2:39:46 AM Shadowcaller Wolfbane He sigh "Well, I wasn't the one with visions."
4/3/2010 2:40:57 AM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "I won't help you convince her, that is *not* my bussniess, no matter how much you might belive in that dream."
4/3/2010 2:41:25 AM Wolfbane Shadowcaller "I understand. But is there anything I should at least know?"
4/3/2010 2:41:58 AM Shadowcaller Wolfbane …
4/3/2010 2:42:41 AM Wolfbane Shadowcaller Wolfbane says (2:41 AM): "I understand. But is there anything I should at least know?"
4/3/2010 2:44:34 AM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "Other that your doing a crazy task? Not really no, as I said, I'm not helping you convince her, not by providin information about her either."
4/3/2010 2:44:57 AM Shadowcaller Wolfbane *providing
4/3/2010 2:45:41 AM Wolfbane Shadowcaller (Okay, OOC wise, is it possible for Trev to convince her to come along?)
4/3/2010 2:46:01 AM Wolfbane Shadowcaller (Because I'm at a complete loss as to how)
4/3/2010 2:47:33 AM Wolfbane Shadowcaller .
4/3/2010 2:47:36 AM Shadowcaller Wolfbane (Hmm… well…)
4/3/2010 2:48:01 AM Wolfbane Shadowcaller (Or is it one of those "Talk to her and you'll see" kind of things?)
4/3/2010 2:48:43 AM Shadowcaller Wolfbane (OOC, well, that depends on how he makes out his offer. This mission have kind of collapsed on itself…)
4/3/2010 2:48:57 AM Shadowcaller Wolfbane (And what he is offering:P)
4/3/2010 2:50:33 AM Wolfbane Shadowcaller (He's offering her a place to stay away from having to become a breeder for a bit longer, some adventure, new places to go, and basically something to /do/)
4/3/2010 2:50:54 AM Shadowcaller Wolfbane (That sounds… good.)
4/3/2010 2:51:12 AM Wolfbane Shadowcaller (He'd make no promises of safety or it being fun all the time, but doesn't expect her to actually want it to /be/ safe all the time)
4/3/2010 2:51:23 AM Shadowcaller Wolfbane (The breeder thing might draw her >.>)
4/3/2010 2:51:34 AM Wolfbane Shadowcaller (Avoiding it?)
4/3/2010 2:51:40 AM Shadowcaller Wolfbane (Mhm.)
4/3/2010 2:52:50 AM Shadowcaller Wolfbane (As failure on her first mission is not a good sign for continuing this ling of work.)
4/3/2010 2:53:18 AM Shadowcaller Wolfbane (Three dead… and a Predator that refuses to return.)
4/3/2010 2:53:37 AM Shadowcaller Wolfbane *line
4/3/2010 2:54:10 AM Wolfbane Shadowcaller Trev sighs. "Thanks anyways. I guess I'll talk to her when she gets up."
4/3/2010 2:55:53 AM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "Yeah… if you like to really try that mad mission of yours."
4/3/2010 2:57:18 AM Wolfbane Shadowcaller "I'm not going to tell her the dream or vision or whatever you want to call it. Just offer her a place to go. We can see what happens from there. That way none of it seems forced."
4/3/2010 3:00:40 AM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "Hmph, I can't say I'm like this very much. But if you tell her eventually…" He looks to the sides "Just between the two of us, you realize that you would close her off on her own community if anyone found out right? Thats a pretty good argument for not follow along with it."
4/3/2010 3:01:25 AM Shadowcaller Wolfbane *following
4/3/2010 3:02:30 AM Wolfbane Shadowcaller He nods. "I'd let her make her own choices. If she wishes to leave, I'm perfectly willing to let her go. If something happens between us, it will be because of her own choices as well as mine. I won't coerce her into doing what Eclipsia wants."
4/3/2010 3:04:34 AM Shadowcaller Wolfbane He nods slowly "Never belived I would hear this really." (Oh, Archians average lifetime is about 120 years.)
4/3/2010 3:05:12 AM Wolfbane Shadowcaller (Wow. V'traani could possibly extend that far, but most die before then. >.>)
4/3/2010 3:05:44 AM Shadowcaller Wolfbane (Well, they took a different feat:P)
4/3/2010 3:05:58 AM Shadowcaller Wolfbane (Should make both races in spore
4/3/2010 3:06:55 AM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "…well, she might feel betrayed if you are doing this beacuse a dream told you so. Or she might not belive you."
4/3/2010 3:08:19 AM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "But I have a hard time seeing this even go to that stage…" (And I suspect you need sleep? Archians could with human tech extend their lives to almost 150 years.)
4/3/2010 3:10:09 AM Wolfbane Shadowcaller "Honestly? I'm not sure if I believe the dream either, but if it's true about what she says, I'm willing to give it a shot. Who knows, maybe something will happen between us, maybe not."
4/3/2010 3:11:12 AM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "Well, I did hear Iok calling you insane." He smiles.
4/3/2010 3:11:48 AM Wolfbane Shadowcaller He smiles. "I may be, but in the end, this could be worth it."
4/3/2010 3:13:00 AM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "If you think so, can't see how a singel child could solve all these problems, even if it would be made,"
4/3/2010 3:13:30 AM Wolfbane Shadowcaller "We'll just have to see then."
4/3/2010 3:15:31 AM Shadowcaller Wolfbane "Yes, we have… I should go back to check on her." He turns to leave but then stops himself "Oh, if you hurt her… I'm bound to hurt you."
4/3/2010 3:15:52 AM Wolfbane Shadowcaller "I'd never dream of hurting her, but thanks for the concern."
4/3/2010 3:16:28 AM Shadowcaller Wolfbane He nods "As long as you know." Then Tirek leaves.
4/3/2010 3:17:11 AM Wolfbane Shadowcaller (Kara is going to be mad at Trev for bringing her, isn't she? >.>)
4/3/2010 3:18:13 AM Shadowcaller Wolfbane (Hehe… more aliens? Well, she wouldn't understand *why* he would like to bring her.)
4/3/2010 3:18:36 AM Wolfbane Shadowcaller (He wouldn't tell Kara either. Because she'd never believe him)
4/3/2010 3:18:54 AM Shadowcaller Wolfbane (Hey, after all those dreams she have had…:P)
4/3/2010 3:19:12 AM Wolfbane Shadowcaller Heh, true, but she never told them about the dreams much
4/3/2010 3:19:21 AM Wolfbane Shadowcaller Anyways, I guess we can continue in the morning
4/3/2010 3:19:35 AM Shadowcaller Wolfbane (Mhm… thought it is 10 AM here <.<)
4/3/2010 3:19:44 AM Shadowcaller Wolfbane (So it's almost noon:P)
4/3/2010 3:19:54 AM Wolfbane Shadowcaller =P
4/3/2010 3:20:21 AM Shadowcaller Wolfbane Anyway, night.
4/3/2010 3:21:27 AM Wolfbane Shadowcaller *poofs*

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