Dan is a young human male in his twenties. He's rather short and, being slim and unnoticeable, is hardly taken for a threat by most people he meets. However, he is surprisingly strong for how he looks. He has short unkempt black hair and light brown eyes. Most of the time, he seems like someone you wouldn't look at twice in a crowd, but he has a certain air of confidence if you monitor him for longer. His fingers are long and slender and when he's working on software interfaces he shows remarkable speed and precision.

His view on things seems to mostly be somewhat cynical, pragmatic and centered on his own self-interest. He may joke around and converse with people, but most of the time he stays quiet in the company of his world of net connections. He rarely, if ever, opens up about anything really personal, and even if he does it may just be a calculated lie to serve his own goals.

When the events of the RP start, Dan has been working undercover on a ship as a computer technician, but soon enough the others find out he is some sort of an agent. He seems to have connections in many places and on many planets, and has skills beyond what he has shown so far. He has cybernetic parts, though they aren't easily detectable nor visible from the outside.


-He is capable of using many types of military and private sector hardware, including weaponry and vehicles, though he isn't a soldier and prefers to use subtle methods when possible.
-He is extremely skilled at interfacing with software and, to some extent, electrical systems' hardware. He's a proficient hacker as well as, especially when enhanced by his implants, a speedy programmer skilled in both gathering and processing data.
-His implants allow him to slightly enhance his senses, scan his surroundings for and interface with electrical equipment and even sabotage weakly protected systems without an access terminal. However he tends to avoid the extensive usage of these abilities, hinting at an unrevealed drawback to them.


- A ceramic guitar pick against his chest as a 'good luck charm', actually unfolds into a small but sharp knife.
- A handheld system with extensive modifications, mainly used for allowing him access to the net from wherever he is. It has certain other functions, however.
- He often brings around a small handgun.
- A few datachips containing viruses, illegal programs, legal programs, data, an encryption/decryption unit and other utility stuff. Anything illegal is, of course, well hidden, and everything else is encrypted aswell.
- A disk with a heavy encryption and self-cleanse protocols containing a few bits and pieces of data most people wouldn't get much sense out of.

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