Feb 4

Aegnor says (8:52 AM):
Wolfbane says (8:52 AM):
Happy says (8:52 AM):
murska wants to rp something
Happy says (8:53 AM):
did you read the last demons?
Wolfbane says (8:53 AM):
WIth Karen and Sylvia?
Happy says (8:53 AM):
Aegnor says (8:53 AM):
Happy says (8:54 AM):
Pegrim and his buddies wanted us to hand Mael over and Karen refused. And then Shrimp's new guy Damon hissed at them and made them back off.
Aegnor says (8:55 AM):
Ah, I did read that
Happy says (8:55 AM):
And Sylvia was all 'Damn… you should have gotten rid of him.' And then they got all sad about missing their mommies
Aegnor says (8:57 AM):
I'd like to proceed in 3e some time but I don't even think we were doing anything there
Happy says (8:58 AM):
Wolfy started a plot
we're on Umbra
Wolfbane says (8:59 AM):
As Kara has already left to meet her father, Lucia, Dan, and Trevenar are being fitted for envirosuits to allow you access to the station due to it's completely sterile atmoshere. /start
(That good? )
Aegnor says (9:00 AM):
Happy says (9:01 AM):
heh… much better than SC's starts
he sucks at starting
Wolfbane says (9:01 AM):
(Oh, want me to do his style? *pokes people for 15 minutes wondering where their characters are*)
Happy says (9:02 AM):
Aegnor says (9:02 AM):
well, he also sucks at ending
kinda like we all
Happy says (9:03 AM):
i really would like to finish IF sometime. anyway, going to switch to the laptop. brb
Wolfbane says (9:04 AM):
After the first decontamination sequence involving just walking through the sterilization spray, a woman's voice comes through the speaker in a wall of glass(on the other side is the viewing room to make sure steps are followed)
(yeah )

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Wolfbane says (9:04 AM):
Wolfbane says (9:04 AM):
After the first decontamination sequence involving just walking through the sterilization spray, a woman's voice comes through the speaker in a wall of glass(on the other side is the viewing room to make sure steps are followed)

Aegnor says (9:05 AM):
(Gah. Scanning is so tiresome in ME2…)
Wolfbane says (9:06 AM):
"We'll need you to go through the next door one at a time and take off everything you're wearing so the next spray can clean your body surface."
Wolfbane says (9:07 AM):
"The windows have been blacked out to give you privacy, and there will be a slot for your clothes to the right. We'll run those through again."
Happy says (9:07 AM):
Lucia is used to costume changes in crowded backstage areas, so privacy isn't much of a concern for her.
Aegnor says (9:07 AM):
'Ladies first?'
Happy says (9:08 AM):
"Before I go, I need to know how you're going to handle my musical instruments."
Wolfbane says (9:09 AM):
(She's bringing them onto the station?)
*has to think for a moment*
(are they wood? Plastic?)
Happy says (9:10 AM):
(She has a stradivarius)
She has a wooden violin and an acrylic electric violin
actually, never mind, her shoulder is still wounded
Happy says (9:11 AM):
Lucia enters decon.
Wolfbane says (9:11 AM):
Good, because I have no idea how'd they treat a wooden violin. >.>
Happy says (9:11 AM):
(hehe… but surely they have things enter that need special care)
Wolfbane says (9:11 AM):
(Ah, forgot, irradiation processes)
Wolfbane says (9:13 AM):
Lucia will see the room has pure white walls, the slot for her clothes and other items to the right. "Please, put your clothing and whatever else you have on you into the slot. They will be returned laters."
Wolfbane says (9:15 AM):
Happy says (9:15 AM):
She follows directions.
Wolfbane says (9:17 AM):
Once she closes the slot a mist begins to fill the room. It's a burns a little before becoming only itchy as she gets used to it. "This will kill off most of the harmful bacteria you had been carrying. Don't worry about holding your breath as it's harmless against mucus membranes."
Happy says (9:18 AM):
Lucia instinctively holds her breath anyway, but probably not for long.
Wolfbane says (9:20 AM):
When she finally does breathe, the mist tastes sharply metallic, like being in the dentist's office. After a moment, the far door opens up. "Please, go on through."
Happy says (9:20 AM):
She proceeds.
Wolfbane says (9:22 AM):
In this room is something like a helmet hanging down from the center. "This is the final part before you're issued masks to get suits fitted. You'll need to put the shield over your head. And please make sure all your hair is tucked under it as well."
Happy says (9:23 AM):
She does so, though it takes her a bit to get all the hair in.
Wolfbane says (9:25 AM):
Once she is done, there is a bright flash of light and extreme heat, lasting less than a second. "You can remove the shield now."
Happy says (9:26 AM):
"What was that?" she asks as she removes the shield
Wolfbane says (9:28 AM):
She'll see her skin is a slightly pink color, healther and new, but covered in some dust. "We vaporized the first layer of your skin, as well as all the entities living on it."
"If you go through the next door, you'll be cleaned and your belongings returned to you."
Happy says (9:30 AM):
She does so.
Wolfbane says (9:32 AM):
The door seals behind her and a strong blast of moist air blows downwards, getting all the skin-dust off. It finishes and a slot opens up in the wall, revealing her belongings.
Wolfbane says (9:34 AM):
"Once you get dressed, go on through while your companions are sent in"
Happy says (9:34 AM):
She is dressed quickly and proceeds
Wolfbane says (9:36 AM):
She'll find herself ina comfortable looking waiting room, a tray of sliced fruit on a table with some juices. (There was also one of the face masks with her belongings to put on)
(How obvious are Dan's Cybernetics?)
Aegnor says (9:37 AM):
(High level scanners find the ones he has to interface better on his fingers but it's pretty much military headquarters experimental grade stuff required to find the rest.)
Wolfbane says (9:38 AM):
(ah, so it isn't physically obvious?)
Aegnor says (9:39 AM):
(that's assuming they're turned off, of course)
(and no)
Wolfbane says (9:39 AM):
(Because right now they're most concerned by disease than that)
Aegnor says (9:40 AM):
(The only physical sign is that if he is near maximum output his eyes glow)
Wolfbane says (9:40 AM):
He'll have no trouble getting through the system. (Which I doubt he's doing)
Wolfbane says (9:42 AM):
Trevenar on the other hand… let's just say the team of people in envirosuits with medical gear going past the other two to get inside the decon system is a bad sign. >.>
Happy says (9:45 AM):
Lucia looks at Dan. "What do you think that's all about?"
(ugh… ears ringing)
Aegnor says (9:45 AM):
'No idea.'
Wolfbane says (9:45 AM):
( =/)
Wolfbane says (9:47 AM):
After about a half hour the medical team comes out, visibly shaking even under their suits, followed by Trevenar after a few moments, rubbing his arm and grumbling underneath his mask.
Happy says (9:48 AM):
"What's wrong?"
Wolfbane says (9:50 AM):
He sighs and sits down. "Their scanners picked up 7 unknown strains of viruses and a dozen different bacteria."
different unknown*
Happy says (9:51 AM):
"What? Then how come we weren't infected?"
Wolfbane says (9:53 AM):
He sighs. "Not the right atmospheric conditions and the air lacks certain organisms to help spread it. Seems they hitched a ride last time I went home."
Aegnor says (9:56 AM):
'Everything's okay now?'
Happy says (9:57 AM):
(send Lucia away for a while.. need a nap )
Wolfbane says (9:57 AM):
( *hugs* )
Aegnor says (9:57 AM):
(sleep well)
Wolfbane says (9:59 AM):
A door opens and the person is obviously trying to ignore Trevenar and looks to Lucia. "If the lady could follow me, we'll get you measured and fitted into a suit."
Wolfbane says (10:01 AM):
And I'll assume she follows leaving the two guys alone for a moment.
Wolfbane says (10:02 AM):
"I'd say it was okay if they didn't try injecting me with a 3 batch old immunobooster to help "combat" the viruses."
Aegnor says (10:02 AM):
'Heh. They don't appear to be harming you at least.'
Wolfbane says (10:04 AM):
"Maybe not, but with old batches, it's possible for what I have to grow resistant even more, even if /I/ am already immune."
Aegnor says (10:05 AM):
'You must be a walking biological weapon around here.'
Wolfbane says (10:06 AM):
He laughs a bit. "You know, that's what they thought. Had to show them my credentials before they realized I'm from a certified Death World and it's just how I am."
Aegnor says (10:08 AM):
'I wonder how many of them would survive if you contaminated them somehow.'

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Aegnor says (10:10 AM):
Wolfbane says (10:10 AM):
He takes a slice of fruit and lifts his mask for a moment to eat it. "I've been on Kara's ship for a while now and she's not infected as far as I know. And these aren't human viruses. I'm not sure if they /could/ jump to another person."
Shadowcaller says (10:10 AM):
Aegnor says (10:11 AM):
He shrugs. 'Maybe not.'
Shadowcaller says (10:11 AM):
(*gasp* people starting without me? Is the world coming to an end?)
Wolfbane says (10:12 AM):
( =P )
Shadowcaller says (10:12 AM):
(So log?)
Wolfbane says (10:12 AM):
(I leave in 10 minutes for class and food. One second)
Shadowcaller says (10:13 AM):

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