Lucia Burning

Lucia (known as Lucy to her friends) is a human female in her mid-thirties (though she looks younger) with long dark hair, dark eyes, and a curvaceous figure. She's achieved some minor fame as a pop star, though not enough that she can retire and live on royalties just yet.

She knew most of the crew and passengers on the Tarrus, and was in some type of relationship with the first officer, Isaac Pavel.

She is generally dressed impeccably, makeup and hair flawless, and managing to pull together whatever clothing is available to look stylish. The image on the right is about as casual as she'll get, intentionally. When she does a gig, she generally goes all out, with elaborate costuming and stage effects.




other assorted people skills
other assorted music skills


Two violins
Handheld computer (always with her)
a few other small musical instruments


Lucia as she appeared on the album cover of her biggest hit, Burning Love

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