People And Places


Main Player Characters

Kara Vre’zehn
Lucia Burning
Trevenar Ta'lok

Name checks:

Tarrus: The Edenite ship Dan and Lucia were abandoned on. It was headed for Dima. What actually happened to it is unknown, it was found hidden in the system after being disabled with a single shot.
Isaac Pavel: First officer of the Tarrus, Lucia's lover.
Jenny: Crew member of the Tarrus.
Captain Herrin: Captain of the Tarrus.
Colonists: Headed for Dima, passengers on the Tarrus.
General Cortez: Imperial general who infected Isaac.

The Empires

Marek Federation: The Merchant Princes, Traders, Lousy Good-For-Nothing Thieves and various other names people call them, MF is one of the three Empires. They aren't nearly as centralized as the other two, although in certain situations the Council of the highest class of Merchant leaders(called Princes or Lords) has the authority to make decisions concerning the entire area. They're called an Empire because of their mutual support and forming a power bloc comparable to the might of the UEC and the Church. They often help either side of the conflict, keeping it in balance… for the right price.

* Merchant Lou (Deceased) One of the higher-class Merchants, he died of natural(or not-so-natural?) causes some years ago.
* Miyu: An adopted daughter of Merchant Lou, after his death she took control of the Council governing Lou's empire and is now the de facto leader. She has postponed the choice for the new Merchant for an unknown reason.

The Union of Eden Colonies: The oldest faction, UEC is what remains of the original governing body of Eden. When the connection to Earth was severed, they were on their own. As things progressed, they colonized more and more systems but in the Discord Wars their empire splintered. After a period of horrible fighting the situation stabilized with the advent of the Church, the stabilization of the Eden core worlds by the government and the subsequent banding together of the various trading and mercenary factions that resulted in the Marek Federation.

Nessian Empire, Church of the Immaculate Form Opposed to any artificial implants in humans (aka 'parts'). Casually referred to as Purists or Immaculates. The Church has a rather closed-off society from outsiders, but their military might is formidable and the arms race between them and the UEC has been going strong for quite a while now. The Church took over a lot of systems in the chaos following the Discord Wars and the fortresses on the border of UEC and Nessian Empire are the strongest mankind has ever seen. They've occasionally tried to forcefully break the stalemate between UEC and them, most recently twenty-six years ago in the Battle of

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