The Events Of The Colony Ship Solara

The events of what occurred on Solara have been verified and pieced together through computer logs, personal journals, and the after-action report from the V'traani boarding party hired to investigate the distress beacon.

Medical Officer *NAME REMOVED FROM RECORDS* on ship had apparently been hired by the *CENSORED* Corporation to experiment with a fungus commonly found on the jungles of many planets. This fungus is renowned to be able to infect dozens of different kinds of insects, controlling their somewhat limited brain functions and forces them to go to an area heavily populated by its own kind before the fungus grows out of their brain and skull to spread more of its spores. In this way, a single infected can utterly destroy an entire hive of multiple hundreds of thousands. Normally, the infected individual dies after the fungus breaks out of its skull, but the strain the Medical Officer *NAME REMOVED FROM RECORDS* had developed one that could keep its host alive longer, and could infect higher level organisms, specifically human. It is believed this was for biological warfare purposes.

Approximately 3 hours before the emergency beacon was tripped, there was a containment failure in the research lab. It is believed the Medical Officer was the first infected. Samples from air filters indicate that spores filled the ship and infected everyone else withing a matter of 2 hours. An hour after total infection, the alarm was tripped by Captain Luke before he finally succumbed.

The distress signal was received by a passing patrol vessel and relayed to the authorities.

6 hours after the distress signal was tripped, a V'traani warband was hired to investigate the signal. To all outward appearences, the vessel was undamaged. After boarding the vessel, they immediately reported their findings. REPORTED BELOW

The Ta'lok Clan Warband entered the ship, and finding no immediate resistance, began to make their way to the bridge. Before they could make it, they encountered what looked to be normal passengers, but upon closer inspection, found them to be suffering under what appeared to be a viral infection of massive proportions. Unable to get a response from the victims and after determining there were no actual survivors on board, they abandoned the ship and requested it to be destroyed.

Their request was denied and they were ordered to keep the Solara intact and to cleanse any taint of the infection off the vessel. Even though the warband opened all airlocks, too many were deep inside the ship and couldn't be emptied that way. Because of this, they began to clear the vessel by hand. Using small flamethrowers and other incendiary weaponry, they began to scour the ship. While they took no casualties from the infected, it took more than 12 hours to clean the ship of infection. During this period, one of their number was separated for a period of 6 hours and seemed to have suffer a psychotic break during that time(See: Profile: Trevenar Ta'lok).

The ship has been confirmed sterile and cleaning and engineering crews have been sent in to replace all the fittings and consoles. The ship is scheduled for rechristening and departure by the end of the month.

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