The V'Traani


Common Knowledge:

The V'traani (Slang is "Vits" or "Vitti" by other races), have the general humanoid shape and features, even though they are only partly mammalian. They are covered in scales of varying green, but have very striking human looking faces, almost beautiful (if like scales anyways). The males have no hair, but the females have "tendrils" sprouting from their head, down to mid-back. The tendrils have slight feeling, so they are susceptible to pain and thus don't get trimmed. Their society is partly Caste based, partly Socialist, and run by a council made of members from each caste. It is also matriarchal as the male to female ratio is 1 male for every 20 females. This is in part due to their semi-reptilian nature. Everyone is important, and everyone, no matter the caste(or gender), is expected to work their fair share.

Each Caste of V'traani has several distinguishing features, the most obvious are the dyed scales marking their caste. Another difference, is that each caste has distinct variations in their form and abilities due to their DNA's mutability.


The members of this caste are easily noticeable due to their larger size and the pair of horns that have developed. They are the strongest and fastest of their race. They are marked with a triad of dyed purple scales on their forehead between the horns.

They are short, and a bit paler in color and are marked with a crescent moon shape of white scales on each of their cheeks. Their fingers are long and slender (with an extra joint), which allows them to work easier and more delicately. Their immune system is also extremely powerful, so that if they give a blood transfusion, the recipient recovers quickly. But, should that person be of another race, it will attack them as a virus, killing them in a matter of hours. This is because in other organisms, the incomplete strands of DNA of the V'traani act like Prions and attack the victim's body.

These caste members are taller than the warrior caste, but extremely thin as well. Their mark is a single red scale between their eyes, and they carry no obvious changes, except that their skull is slightly elongated. Their brain is also much more highly developed than their counterparts, allowing for quicker thinking and letting them learn things at prodigy speeds.

No, they don't have the ability to see the future. What they do have though, is a third eye which grows above the other two. Whats special about this one is that it can see into infrared (and later, into other spectrum). They are marked by a line of black just above their normal two eyes. It is difficult for a person to lie to them as they can see body heat and eventually "see" certain sound-waves, However, they can be fooled by natural liars and there are devices(though they are not cheap or readily available due to lack of demand and complexity) which can help those who aren't.

This Caste doesn't have any special abilities. All it does is mark that the individual has proven herself able to breed. Since there are so few males, they automatically are part of this caste. Each Breeder is marked with a yellow scale along their spine. Once for males, and as many times as a female has given birth to a child.

Language: The V'traani language is simple to learn as it is similar to Universal in most of its sounds, though V'traani has a more exaggerated "s" sound due to their slightly pointed teeth.

Uncommon Knowledge:

Even though they give live birth, few females can have male children as they need an abnormally high body temperature to do so(cooler provides females, high provides males). The females who can bear male children are automatically part of the breeder caste since they are hard to find (About 1 in 15 females).

A few years after birth, each child is placed in the middle of a circle with several objects around it, the object they choose determines their caste if their body accepts the changes it brings them. Should the V'traani find more of those items, their changes will become more obvious and more powerful.

While they don't follow politics, V'traani will hire out mercenaries to those willing to pay. They won't hire out to an opposing side however. The mercenaries hired also seem to take trophies from their kills and always seem to turn in dead bounties, should they be allowed to turn them in in that state.

While the V'traani religion isn't widely spread out of their race and they have follow one deity known as Eclipsia. She is their Goddess of War and Fertility (both aspects are extremely important to their society). Worship of her is a personal choice, but many have a passive belief in her. Her description is close to that of a V'traani Warrior, but much taller, a dark jungle green, and with curls of flame wreathed around her body.

V'traani females are able to breed with other races as long as they are similar in genes. The most common example of this is humans. However, 99% of those given birth to are pure female V'traani. The others are stillbirth. Mating is also slightly ceremonial and takes place inside their Temples in special rooms set aside for that specific purpose.

Closely Guarded Secrets:

The V'traani are cannibals, pure and simple. While they don't kill each other to stay alive, they eat certain parts of their fallen comrades(should there be enough), and particularly worthy enemies(Its actually considered an honor to be eaten). This stems from their need for genetic material to make themselves stronger. It is also what allows them to have several completely different castes.

This stems from the ceremony every young child is put through, each object is actually a certain organ from an animal. A different organ for a different caste.

Heart for Warrior, brain for Scholar, bone marrow for Healer, eyes for Seer. They are able to absorb the DNA from these organs, and infuse it with their own incomplete DNA strands to make themselves more mature. The more complex and advanced the creature the organ was taken from, the better as it lets them absorb more. It is the equivalent of a growth steroid for them. It also acts like a drug to them, making them slightly high after consumption. This also makes it easier for females to bear children because of the steroid like effect.

When a V'traani dies, their relatives and descendants partake in a ritual cannibalism where they split the necessary organs equally between those partaking of the food by caste. They do this so the strength and the genes of the fallen can continue on and allow others to grow.

While it is said that the 1% of those born from crossbreeding who aren't V'traani female are stillbirth, this is not always the case. There have been reports of people of other races who claim to have been born to a tribe, but cast out.

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