Trevenar Ta'Lok


Trevenar is human in appearance. About 5ft 11inches tall, well muscled, and has short brown hair. His eyes are an unusual shade of purple, and he is marked with three purple scales tattooed into his forehead. His features are a little strong and his face is lightly scarred, showing that he's been in a few scrapes. In public and in most private places, he will always be seen with Eclipsia(his assault rifle) nearby. Normally, Trevenar is quiet. His age is around 28 Earth Standard.

Trevenar has been trained in many forms of combat, both ranged and melee. His favored weapon though, is Eclipsia.
Due to his V'traani heritage, Trevenar has a V'traani immune system, making him resistant to many diseases and toxins and makes it so a Healer's blood is non-lethal to him. However, he can't be healed by it either.
He is stronger and his reflexes are faster than his physique would suggest. When he consumes someone's heart, he experiences the same drug-like effects they do, though this seems a psychological response rather than a metabolic one.


Trevenar has an odd history. He was born to a V'traani tribe. His father had been a human who helped defend the tribe from a raid made by rival mercenaries. After proving himself through battle, he was allowed to stay if he wished. Later on, his father died from one such raid. However, he left behind several children, including Trevenar, the only human among them. When it came time, the boy was indoctrinated into the V'traani Warrior Caste for training. He later joined the with the Mercenaries from his tribe.

One mission would scar him.

His group had been hired to search a colony ship who's emergency beacon was initiated. Initial scans showed that there was nothing alive on board, but it was an entirely different matter once you stepped through the airlock. On some planets, there is a fungus that infects insects, burrowing into their minds and taking control, forcing them to go to their hive so it can spread its spores. Later reports would indicate that a medical officer on board had been experimenting with a strain, trying to control it. Apparently, containment failed and it filled the air with its spores before the ship's filters could stop it. All of the thousand on board were infected with it. After initial contact with the victims, Trevenar's group wished to destroy the vessel, but colony ships are too expensive to be destroyed. What followed was several days of Trevenar and the rest of his band scouring the decks and rooms clean with incendiary weapons. They had to clean out every last man, woman, and child. It was at some point during this, when Trevenar was first "visited" by Eclipsia (Eclipsia is the name of the V'traani Goddess of War and Fertility). Out of the flames, a female figure reached out and touched him, telling him that she'd always be by his side and guide him in battle. It was after this when he started to speak to his rifle, calling it by her name. After the Colony Ship was cleansed, his strange actions were made aware to the leader of his clan.

While he has proven himself to be an extraordinarily skilled warrior, it has been suggested to him that he should "rest" until the stress of the Colony ship wears off. That was several months ago.

A few years before the Colony Ship, Trevenar had been indoctrinated fully into the Breeder Caste after a particularly successful bounty hunt. As a result, he has one daughter, and possibly more on the way.

Trevenar tends to be a bit of a recluse when he is on a job. He'll be serious, blunt, and sometimes a little curt. Off duty, he's a rather enjoyable person to be around, even if he has an odd mannerism or two. He's generally a little suspicious of people's motives, but that comes with his job. Trevenar also tends to be very protective of those he does befriend. When under pressure, he'll occasionally speak V'traani prayers to Eclipsia.

"Eclipsia's" Personality

If asked, Trevenar says Eclipsia is a very loving, but fiery individual. He also says she'll gladly help anyone who Trevenar allies himself with, but keeps an eye on them anyways as she doesn't trust people entirely.

Eclipsia(A Sol Pattern Assault Rifle)
A Hermes Pattern Semi-Automatic .45 Pistol
Ceremonial Breeder Caste Robes
V'traani Medium Combat Armor
A cylindrical bladed knife.
A picture of him and his three sisters, as well as another of his first daughter and her mother.

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